Friday, 28 October 2016

Solving Your Headache- Easy Diamond Shopping Experience!

Every diamond is unique, they have different light performance, xxxx and also different inclusions. So do every girls. We all have our very own pet peeves, personality, fashion sense and also, different eye on man *smirks*

Well I do believe that buying diamond is a huge deal for most of the people (because they are not cheap man), so it can be really stressful when we finally come to the stage when we need to pick a diamond for proposal/ marriage/ whatever la.

The main problem that we often face is, too many information are shoved into our brain by the very kind and helpful sales assistants.


Love and Co decided to ease your diamond shopping experience by partnering with Sarine Technologies.


By providing you a comprehensive digital diamond report!

So now you can have instant access to a diamonds information, and able to understand the unique qualities of every LVC Lovemark diamond. You can now easily analyze the diamonds beauty objectively and scientifically, beyond the conventional 4C grading parameters (Cut Clarity Color Carat). All you need to do is just click into the link given to you on the internet!

After purchase, the digital diamond report is sent instantly to your mobile, so that you can check out your diamonds information anytime anywhere, or even forward it to you beastie to share your happiness yo! (Aiyer so evil~)

This is how the report looks like.

If you havent know, the LVC Lovemark diamond is the signature collection by Love & Co, where they inscripted a perfect rose IN YOUR DIAMOND. Well basically it is invisible to the naked eyes as it went through 50 promises checked, you can see it with a microscope, or from the digital report! The diamond in the digital report is up to 40 times magnification for you to check out every single mini details about your lovely diamond.

So guys, before you buy your diamond ring to propose, do check out Love & Co aite! Cause they provide exquisite diamond and also these cute little pair of bears as free gift!

 Sho Cute

Love and Co website:

Friday, 27 May 2016

[Foodie Book] KL PJ 最好吃的 Nasi Lemak

没错没错,这次就是要介绍我们觉得KL PJ最好吃的nasi lemak!


Uptown Village Park Nasi Lemak

5, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Mon- Sat: 7am - 7.30pm
Sun: 7am - 6pm

Selera Jaya 223
(Nasi Lemak Yati & Nasi Lemak Suri)
Jalan 51a/223, Seksyen 51a, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating: 24 hours

img from

Simply Mels
Unit 1-1A, 1st Floor, THE SPHERE, No. 1, Avenue 1, No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Weekdays: 10am - 10pm
Weekend: 12pm - 10pm

Thursday, 3 September 2015

[Beauty] Get flawless with INDIBA Stem Cell

Went to Bella Skin Care to pamper my skin last week. #taitaiday

My skin doesn't really have big issues, no pimples breakouts, just a little bit dehydrated, and uneven skin tone due to all the cray cray sun exposure from college life and work lol. No joke, I always felt that Taylor's sun is super strong in comparison with the sun at my house in Cheras I don't know why.

After the skin test, I am sent to change into comfy robe and slippers. Btw, bras are recommended to be removed too cause there will be detoxification massage before the treatment. I remember that I was really reluctant to remove my bra for massage sessions, but now I got used to it cause it is really inconvenient to have a bra blocking the masseuse's way when they are trying to massage you. So make their life easier and also give yourself a more relaxing experience la hahaha

Basically, INDIBA Stem Cell Treatment is geared by the INDIBA Machine, alongside with stem cell serum. So nope, no injection involved.

Here are the steps of INDIBA Stem Cell treatment:

1. Detoxification Massage +  Paraffin Wax hand treatment

I love how they detox you first before any other treatment, because I am the kind of person that strongly believes that the condition of skin reflects how clean one's body system is. And I am also surprised by the Paraffin Wax hand treatment. I actually got confused when my therapist asked me to dip my hand into a pool of warm wax, I was like "whoa why nowadays come to do facial will give hand wax mould as souvenir one ah?"

So nope, its not the kind of hand wax you see in tourist place for you to make a mould of your hand.

Paraffin Wax works really well in softening, smoothing and hydrating your skin. So after you soak your hand into the wax, the therapist will wrap up your hand with plastic wrap. I felt like doraemon hahaha.

No pictures was taken cause my hand is wrapped.

2. Deep cleansing + Extraction

Just like how facial treatment normally works. But ouch, this time the extraction really hurts in comparison with my previous facial treatment experiences.

3. Stimulate Limb Knots

The INDIBA machine started its job. A metal board is placed under my back, to initiate connection between my body and the machine (lol I know right), and the therapist started to massage my limb knots around the neck and chin area. The machine generates heat to stimulate the skin, so I do feel slightly warm when the machine run through my body.

4. Epidermis and Dermis treatment
Just the machine started to do its job on your face. I felt some slight burn on forehead and cheek area, so I requested my pretty therapist to turn down the heat. It is normal for our sensitive area to feel extra heat, so if you do happen to feel the same as me, feel free to inform them to adjust the power.


As a whole, I like the experience of INDIBA Stem Cell Treatment. My skin felt more moisturised and glowy after the treatment, all the previous oil bumps are cleared out.

Click here --> Find out more about INDIBA Stem Cell Treatment

Friday, 21 August 2015

[Beauty] Trust me, your skin is friggin thirsty.

So recently I did something to my face.

READ and you will know.

I am always very very very grateful that my skin condition is quite great. Thanks mom and dad <3
But I do have some minor issue with dull skin, and mini oil bumps around my cheek & nose area.

I can't find a before picture of it cause who takes such a close up picture of their own pores for nothing lol. But nvm lets continue.

I tried out Hydra Quench by Clinic MF


Okay basically it is a hydrating treatment, which involve some mini injections. Hyaluronic acid is injected into your skin, with syringe needle that is 6 times thinner than baby needle (which is very very thin la). 

I believe that most of you girls who put in some effort taking care of your face heard hyaluronic acid before, but for better understanding sake I hereby explain one more time la.

"Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that exist in our body, and it is the main factor to keep our skin youthful. As age grows, hyaluronic that is naturally existed in our body will loss and hence, wrinkles will appear. 

Hyaluronic acid is also a common ingredient of cosmetic products. 1 molecule of HA can carry up to 500 times of water, hence it is recognized as the best hydrating ingredients."

Honestly speaking, I never heard of injecting HA into skin for the sake of hydration until the consultation with Marie France. So I was moderately nervous la when I heard that I need to go under needle, cause initially when I agreed to try out the Hydra Quench I thought it was just a normal hydrating facial treatment that I used to do in beauty salons haha.

Do note that the HA injected into the skin used for Hydra Quench is NOT the same as the ones used for filler injection, filler ones contain other substances for it to stay in shape but this one is for hydration only.

Process: Cleansing → Application of numbing cream → Injection → Soothing Mask
My face after the process.
Some slight bengkak on my eyelid.

Injection is done on many spots on my face, almost 30 spots I guess, some spots are slightly stinging than the others. It doesn't really inject deeeeep into your meat, but just lightly on the skin, so pain level on the scale of 10 I rate it 6. They say it is less painful that extraction but I don't know la cause I never had to do much extraction as my skin don't really have anything to extract except some oil seeds heh.

You can see that there's some mini bumps on my face, those are the HA that haven't been absorbed. It disappeared after a few hours, but I don't find it particularly obvious so I still meetup with my friends right after the session hahaha. #noneedimagela
My face after one week. 

Initially I thought there wasn't much obvious effect on my skin, but after one week my mom told me that my face look more radiant and less dull, which makes me look much more energetic cause dull skin always make me look like I took drug or not enough sleep lols. And the oil bumps on my cheek and nose are all gone!

This is my recent face after my vacation to Mabul island, which is a month later after the treatment. Still look good even after under the sun for so many days. Oh, I remember that doctor told me, it is harder for us to get dark if the skin have sufficient HA! Tried it and proven its right! I probably only gain 0.5 tone darker this trip *fireworks* Eh, doesn't mean no need sunscreen ah still must protect kay!

Overall, this treatment does have effect and so far, no complication. Normally HA treatments are really safe as long as the HA used by clinic is certified to be safe. So if you are interested to give it a try, feel free to contact for a consultation slot, and make sure you clear all your questions before you do any treatment kay? :) I want everyone of you to be happy and safe with my recommendation <3

Lastly, thankiu for taking through all my naked face pictures.


Yes I know it has been a month since I last posted. *slap my own face*

I kinda took some holiday and vacations around, meet up with friends, and arranging my schedule and plans, brainstorming for my YouTube channel directions and learning from some awesome friends. So in a nutshell, I am setting up myself for a brand new 2015, with new directions and goals that I want to achieve, and I want to showcase a better fresher me to all of you <3

So don't worry, I will be back with more, and just follow me on Instagram for more updates! 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

{MyFM Be My Star DJ} I am now a DJ


"I am now a Radio DJ for My FM."

Still repeating this to myself randomly cause everything is so surreal.

Honestly, I have NEVER imagined myself to be a radio announcer. Cause I don't think I have a very attractive voice, and I can't imagine myself talking alone in the studio.

But hey, life is seriously filled with surprises!

I previously wrote a short post about this competition, but I didn't explain how and why did I joined.

So now, story time!

"I joined because my best friend asked me to."

I know right, this is like the lamest answer in the world. But seriously, this is the real story. My childhood best friend, Kevin asked me to send in an audition clip together with him cause he is too scared to do it alone. At first, I rejected cause I thought why do something I don't think I can win, but later on I came to a thought:

"Okay, just try it out and see how's my mandarin level after so many years leaving Chinese school.'

I am actually very curious to see how far I can go, and I also thought that why not just get some free training lololol #freethingwhynot

I must admit that I am not a freshie in terms of speaking in public. I was a national mandarin debater back in high school, and our school (Tsun Jin High School) is ahem, quite famous for our debate team. #tsunjinftw

So yeah, it seems like my debate trainings really worked!

I worked the hardest way I can and shown my best effort throughout the competition.
Some clips of the Finale:

Pictures Time!

Round 1- Creative introduction
I incorporated my not-too-bad voice imitation skill (SinChan, Chibi Maruko and Ah Beng) into my performance, along side with my DEAREST sifu, Jason. You can see how kesian his face is cause he need to hold the cardboards for me hahaha. And he actually carried me onto the stage (like how people carry mannequin) as our opening.

Round 2- Artist Interview
Me and my lovely partner, Jacky got our task to interview a 'Thai Artist' acted by the super cray cray Jack Yap.

Dramatic sifu and his dramatic student.

First round elimination

Don't have much other pictures after this, so lets just skip to the final result announcement!

Yup, can totally see how shocked I am when I found out the result!
There goes my reputation. 
Nooooo guys don't unfollow me T.T

Back to pretty face.
(So can follow me back already right hahaha)

Oh by the way, the male champion is Phei Yong, and he will be my training and working partner yo!

So yeah. I am now a radio announcer. 

Lots of you has been asking me about when will I have my own radio show and what's my time slot, and I am truly thrilled by all your concerns! (means that you guys actually follow up about my news whoa damn touched)

For now, me and PY will be partnering with the other DJs to gain some experience and familiarise ourselves with the machines, while going under some trainings. Cause honestly speaking, if you throw us into a studio and ask us to go on air now, we will... erm I don't know, screw up quite badly cause being a radio DJ is so much more than just talking. We will be prepared as soon as possible, and then I can announce when will my radio show be!

The first thing I got to do for my new career, opened a new FB page with MYFM's name before mine. A page as a MYFM announcer, MYFM彤彤.  So come come like like pwease :3

And and and, will I be quiting YouTube? NOPE. 

I will still be producing YouTube videos, as it is also what I really really enjoy doing! Me and MJ recently created a collaboration channel- Dumpling Soda, which will be doing lotsa funny skits and challenges video!

Check out our first video!

We have much more cray to come soon! 
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