Thursday, 9 August 2012

5 easy steps! Lets make a cute bento! ❤

OMG what!??
Chloe is going to make a bento?
You must be kidding me
*Laughing and rolling on the floor*

No Joke.
The lazy, clumsy, no art sense, not good in cooking girl is going to cook!
(Well, not really cook, as the bento that I am going to make is extremely easy)

Well, before I start to show the steps of making bento
Here comes the story titled "How Chloe and Bento meets"...

I was told to prepare a cute bento as a prop for one shooting
The best and simplest solution for the task is:
Get some sushi, and a cute tupperware
Easy, right?
I am sooo clever
There is seriously no point to waste my time to make a bento!
(I always think that bento is just a beautiful food to look but not eat)

But when I went to jusco to buy sushi
(alright its my fault to go there at 9pm)
Then my sis gave me a very good advice:
(well, not really brilliant though)
Make your own bento!

I really kinda dislike her idea
but since I have no other choice
I have to do it 
*Totally no confidence on my cooking skill*

But the result came out of my expectation!

Cute right?
This is what I had made
With just 20 minutes!

So here are the 5 steps to make this cute bento!
1. Prepare the ingredients

You will need :
-A small grab of salad
(Make sure the colour is green enough)
-Few cherry tomato
(Skinless hotdog will be a better choice)
-Seasoned Seaweed 
-Some rice
(Japanese rice is better but normal rice is fine too)
-A cute container
(Must be cute!)

2. Make the rice ball (Or its called onigiri?)

First, you will need a rice mould.
It can be found at Daiso and Jusco ^^
(There are other shapes such as Ball, Cube etc too)

Fill the mould with cooked rice.
Tips: Dont stuff too much! Just press the rice lightly with spoon
I didnt insert filling as I just need it as a prop
You can insert some filling like tuna, chicken, egg
To make it taste better

Shape the rice ball by using the mould cover

Place the rice ball in the container
Press the little triangle on the mould to push out the rice ball
Tips: To eject the rice ball more easily,
you can spray some water in the mould at the beginning

Cut the seasoned seaweed to make the face expression

3. Fry the hotdog octopus

Cut the hotdog into three parts
The two top part is to make the octopus
So cut it bigger
(Not too big as the octopus will look ugly >.<)
Suggested ratio:

Cut the bottom part to make legs
Just cut it into four parts is enough
( You can make it to 8 if your technique is very pro haha)

The leg length should be cutted till the line shown in the 3rd picha

Then its time to fry the octopus!
(Sounds so cruel muahahaha)

-Use low heat to fry it or you will get a wrinkled octopus
-Use spoon to scoop in the hot oil to fry the legs
(Pressing the legs too hard to the pan might make the octopus broke its leg T.T )

4. Sort the food!

5. Give it to the one you LOVE!


Very simple, right?
Yea I always say that lazy people will figure out the easiest solution!
*Proud of myself*

The success of first bento had make me interested to make other bentos!
Mission to myself:
Create easy and cute Bentos!

So that I can share them to all pretties out there who are lazy like me
And their boyfies can enjoy cute bento!
Or pretties can make bento to add some colours to their lunch time!

Really interested to make more bento

Before I end this
I wanna say



Tell me what you think!