Tuesday, 19 March 2013

CHANCE TO MEET WU CHUN 吴尊 and Vic Chou 仔仔!!

Well as I mentioned I will blog about the Schwarzkopf Amabassador event
And here I come!

Firstly, a picha of all the ambassadors,Miss Joyce Lee, Mr Markus Darburger, and Julie Woon!
Mr Markus is the General Manager of Henkel Beauty Care
and Miss Joyce is the Marketing Manager of Henkel Beauty Care
Of course
Our gorgeous Julie Woon was the celebrity emcee for the event!

I think there are too much of bloggers blogged about what happened in the event so I will just give 
A simple conclusion of the event:
The event was held in AEON BIG in MidValley (Previously known as Carefour)
We, the lucky 10 Ambassadors were revealed to the media and public
One year supply of Schwarzkopf Haircare Product are given to us
We did a simple catwalk in the event
Simple and short story
(Okay I'm just lazy la and I scared u guys will be bored for a long post)

Snapshot of the catwalk session (Thick makeup but it looks totally fine on the stage *laughs*)

I think its more interesting for me to talk about how did I get to be chosen as the ambassador

It all started with girls inborn talent, SHOP N BUY
So Schwarzkopf had held a series of roadshows in the colleges and universities of KL and Klang Valley
And when they came to Taylors,
Miss Lizz Chloe who likes to shop and had been using Schwarzkopf product for sometimes
Went to purchase a box of their latest hairdye product
And got invited to join the Search of Schwarzkopf Ambassador 2012
Few months later
She got a call from Everquest Marketing which is the PR company of Henkel,
Informing her that she has been chosen to represent the image of Schwarzkopf with other 9 charming ambassadors

The Freshlight Sweet Apricot Hairdye

Schwarzkopf is an international brand which is well know by its great quality haircare product
And I am going to be their ambassador!?
And I get one whole year supply of haircare products sponsored by Schwarzkopf!

This is only 6 months supply and it worth RM 600

The best part is
I get to know the latest information about Schwarzkopf products
and get to share it with my friends and readers!
Finally I can do something meaningful for you guys 

And the first awesome information that I wanna share with you guys
Is the chance to meet great Chinese Movie Stars!!
Any fans of  Adam Cheng, Ekin Chang, Wu Chun, Vic Chou, Raymond Lam here?
You can meet them in person now!!

Yes, they are coming to Malaysia to promote their latest movie,
"Saving General Yang"
So Schwarzkopf is giving out the tickets for Premiere Screening and offering the chances for us to meet them in person!
All you have to do is just go to the any of the Watsons outlet below,
1.Spend RM40 and above in a single receipt to buy Schwarzkopf products
2. LIKE Schwarzkopf Malaysia FB page
3. Snap a PICHA with the promo standee infront of the outlet (Spot the actors cardboard!)
4. SHARE the photo in your FB page
5. TAG Schwarzkopf Malaysia in your picha
6. Complete the following status @Schwarzkopf Malaysia I want to watch "Saving General Yang" movie and meet (one of your favourite movie cast name) in person.
7. Lastly, email the picha of your receipt and a screenshot of your FB status to iwant2win@absolutegroup.com.my
And just wait for the call for you to meet your idol on 31st of March !!
Remember the contest period will be ending on the 28th of March!

I'm a huge fan of Vic Chou so I'm looking forward for this movie!!
And its such a rare chance for us to get to meet all these famous movie star all in one shot!
So move your butt and send in your participation now!

I calculated
(Suggestion buying for couples)
One Fresh Light Colour hairdye = RM37.90 (For myself)
One Got2b Matt Paste= RM 24.90 (For boyfie)
Both of you get to attend the premiere screening and meet Vic Zhou!

Or if you just wanna buy product for yourself
One Hydro Collagen Spray = RM 29.90
One Hydro Collagen Treatment mask = RM 12.90

Just buy 2 bottles of their best seller matt paste and wax 
2 x RM 24.90

Not expensive at all!
Just get your hair pampered by Schwarzkopf and your heart pampered by your idol

Before I end this post,

Another picha
Gosh I hate the top left picha =="
I have no idea what dafuq I did
And yes I know I look chubby on the top right one
Anyway its a pic of me 5 months ago so I don't care

Good Luck for the contest!


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