Sunday, 17 March 2013


Yay lil bloggy is Finally back in working
(With a gorgeous new look which took her mummy 3 days)

I don't think there is a need for me to explain why bloggy stopped updating 
(Obviously caused by the lazy mummy)
And honestly speaking,
My readers aren't that much till I will get loads of complains if I don't blog
(Hey but I do wanna work on it for my readers still!)

Don't know why I just wanna be very honest today
Maybe the tiredness of renovating the blog had over-powered the urge to create self-saving pretty stories
So another fact is coming in
What make Miss Lizz Chloe wanna continue blogging?

The main reason is I had became the Ambassador of Schwarzkopf
So its kinda essential for an ambassador to have an active blog right?
Or how does she share interesting info out?

I'm not going to transform this blog into a "product hard-selling blog"
The whole Schwarzkopf event is just a initiative reason for me to revive my blog
The other reasons are:
1. I discovered ALOT of delicious food recently and that's my new hobby
2. My lifestyle is more interesting to be blogged now (I guessed so?)
3. I saw a friend's blog which is looks really pro, wanna do it better than him muahaha
My passion towards blogging is ALIVED!
Imma work on my blog harder now!

I'm gonna compile the pichas and info about the whole Schwarzkopf Ambassador event
and blog about it soon
(Despite it happened quite sometime ago, you know what that means *laughs*)

For those who dont understand why it took me so long to renovate bloggie
Easy Answer: I am not familiar with codes.

Happy Reading!
*Gold fish face as a sign of appreciation to all your support*


  1. babe that's so cool! you're an ambassador of Schwarzkopf?? congratulations! that's amazing! so proud :D lovelove xx

    1. Heyyyy babe how are you recently? Yea I am their ambassador now :D Awwww love you <3


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