Saturday, 6 April 2013

How to be a Model? *Tips of starting off as a Model*

Had been receiving quite a lot of emails and messages from some young readers and followers
"How do you started your modelling career?"
"Where do you find the photographer?"
"Can you teach me how to make up?"
"Is it fine if I do shooting with just my naked face?"

I am really surprised and honoured to receive your messages
As I never expect people asking me these questions
*I am not a GREAT SUCCESSFULL model anyway hahahaha*

Honestly speaking
I think someone out there may do a better job than me
And I actually scared that some people will just say :
"Who she think she is har, dare to teach people how to modelling, like she very pro la!?"
So I struggled for some times for whether I should post this

But there is nothing wrong to help those who are interested right?
And I am just gonna write about what a new girl should do to start modelling
(which is based on my experience)
Not about how to be a super pro-pro model
(which I am now trying to learn)
So I just wanna stop thinking so complicatedly, just post

And these are the few points that I THINK its important for those who wanna start off as a model

1. Be natural
Please practice to be natural infront of camera and strangers. No matter how good you can pose infront of mirror in your own room, its still doesn't make any difference infront of camera. I know its kinda hard to get used to random strangers, but its impossible that you know every photographer and studio assistants right? :)

2. Practice DOES make perfect
For new girls, start your shooting with some freelance photographer. They normally offers TFP (Time for Picture). Get experience from these shooting in order to prepare yourself for commercial shoot. Oh, by the way, as nowadays ALOT of freelance photographer are quite famous and they are quite hard to book sometimes (might even charge shooting fees), try on the starters first and you guys can learn together, then it would be a WIN-WIN situation. But personally thinking, getting a good photographer actually can makes you improve like 1000x faster.

3. Know yourself
Be clear about your own characteristic. If you are a cute girl, then start off from cute style shoot. Don't try to shoot some feminine, mature shoot. (Of course you can try them after you are more experienced) Shoot something that suits you and your age. Recently I had saw alot of high school girls trying to do lingerie shoot and act sexy, ended up look like some pxxn star =="

4. Diet
Erm I know alot of you will hate me but I need to say, I don't know about how to lose weight. (Thanks to my too skinny genes from mum) But I DO look after my diet. I mean, balanced food consumption. Eat more veggies and fruits, which will make your skin as smooth as baby skin. And also, no matter how lazy you are, work out. Just walk more or swim or even do some shaping exercise to tone up your lines. No one likes flappy arms and thighs.

5. Doll up
Of course you can't do shooting with just your naked face unless you are SUPER DUPER GORGEOUS. Learn to make up. And that means learn to do nice and natural make up. Not the overly thick fake lashes which covers your own eyeballs and look dirty. Be more aware to the trend and fill up your wardrobe with nice cloths that can be used for shooting (as normal TFP will require you to use your own cloths). When you are upgraded to commercial model, pretty cloths are even more essential as it represents your image. Another reason to shop, I bet you'll like it. HAHA

I always think that a model should look smart. And a person have to be real smart in order to look smart. So read more materials, no matter its fashion magazine, news, books or online articles. Build up your own taste and be able to think, rather than just being an empty headed girl who likes to make up.

There are too much to learn as a model, and obviously I am still on the way learning. (And the learning is never gonna stop) To be mentioned again, these are just the tips for you to start off, but not to be a good model.  I don't dare to teach about how to be a SUPER MODEL, not until I became one *laughs* (We shall dare to dream, right?)

Nitez everyone

Don't hate me, I am just trying to share


Tell me what you think!