Tuesday, 2 April 2013

New Love, Biscotti!!

I'm not a crazy snack lover
Or to say
I am VERY PICKY about food

And I had been falling in love with this awesome dude recently
Oh My Gosh they are sooooooo crazily delicious!!

Bought this at Paradigm Mall when I went there to buy Mille Crepe
(Which is also my favorite snack)

I was attracted by this fish-cake-looking cookies when I passed by the food street
(Well dearie says its totally nothing alike fishcake cause its not slimy)
There are like over 20 flavours of them but I decided to go for Chocolate Almond
Chocolates are always women's best friend aren't they?

Looks awesome right?

I was scared that its gonna be too friggin sweet
But surprisingly its not even close to "too sweet" when I tried it
The sweetness is very mild but the aroma of almond and choc is strong enough to make you dream
(Well if you have a strong sweet tooth then you might find it tasteless)
But its JUST NICE for me
And it matches milk or beer very well!!

Sorry for my naked face

A lil reminder:
Remember to drink lots of water after eating this or you will get sore throat!
(Poor mum is experiencing it hahaha)

So sorry that this post is such a short one
I didn't thought to blog about this at until I start munching the biscutti non-stop in my house
And no nice picha for this post too as I have no make up on



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