Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Be Sexy, Be Classy

"If you only make guys think about sex when they see you, you are such a failure as a woman." -- Le Jia, famous host in China. 

Being sexy just seems like the best way to impress guys and get "likes" on Facebook nowadays. A lot of girls seems like to show off their "tanglungs" in their picture. (Not just cleavage, is almost the whole set saying 'hi')  I mean, we are human. We have thoughts and personality. But all you left is just 'two big lumps' in others' mind when you constantly only post pictures with you and your "tanglungs" almost falling out. 

For me, sexy is all about attitude. A woman is sexy in her own way when she talks wisely, and have her own stand. It is a characteristic shown from your heart, to your attitude, till your dressing. I can appreciate a sexy shot which showing your nice curve, but if you are just using a small piece of cloth to "symbolize" as you are not naked, and showing the face and attitude that " I am a bored girl seeking for some excitement at night", that is slutty. The biggest different between slutty and sexy: one is selling the body, one is showing her SELF.

Hey, I never say you should wrap up yourself like a sushi and you can still look sexy. (That's insane!) You can always be sexy in a elegant way! The beautiful S line of women is always a turn-on for guys! Like this dress I am wearing, well it is not TOO sexy, but it brings out a twist of feminine and elegance as well.

The single shoulder design allows you to show off sexy, but elegant clavicle. And letting your hair down is a trick to make guys WOW, when they see the sexy shoulder under the hair is shown while you move! They will be waiting for every next move of yours. For shorties, you will look like you have a pair of long legs as it is a short dress. (Of course those who have long legs will have superb awesome gorgeous legs with this) Also, it won't make you being hated from your female friends! (you know how girls like to label those who dress up overly exposed) You will look like a trustworthy, brilliant, capable, elegant and feminine friend to everyone in the cocktail party!

Well, maybe you can't see what I described from my picture (i know my face is not totally a elegant female face but it improved alot from the kiddy look already kay~*laughs*), but you can give it a try! This dress is from Bardot, an Australia woman fashion brand. I found that their outfits are fashionable, elegant, yet affordable.

And the here's the best part, you can get Bardot directly from Luxe Swinger in Publika now! (Level G2, nearby Milk Story) No more waiting for parcel and risk of getting cloths that is not fit when it arrives *cheers*

It is time to transform yourself into a classy lady! Stand out among the girls and impress your boyfie, husband, crush or who ever you want to! (Mah dearie like this dress so much as he say I finally transformed into a woman from a kid hahahaha)


I bet everyone had noticed the logos beside my pictures. Yup, I had been invited to the SwingingInStyle Blogger Fashion Show organized by Luxe Swinger. So the pre-event is me and other bloggers get to chose the outfit we like, and do a photoshoot with it!

I am really amazed when I step into Luxe Swinger, as they provide gorgeous dresses! (Also, I am shocked that they actually have a studio set-up behind their shop lol) They have a big variety of choices which suits you no matter you wanna look young or matured, sexy or elegant, or whatsoeva hahaha. For me, I will definitely visit them when I need to attend dinner and I can't find a good buddy from my wardrobe to go with me.

So here are some behind the scenes of the pre-event:
(I actually wanted to upload the official video of it but it fails to upload idk why, so if you wanna watch it, you can CLICK HERE)

 While recording the intro video, gosh forgive my nerdy naked face =="

With the cute Diarna

And Hari, the one who 'handle' me for the whole process haha

Other Shots:

Done for the day!

Question of the day: What Does 'Sexy' Means to you? What Defines Sexy?
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Oh, and join me in the Official Launch of Bardot by Luxe Swinger at Publika on 8th of June! Me and other bloggers will be walking on the runway so yea you can come to take funny pictures of me cause I know I might walk like a man on the runway (experience from the Schwarzkopf launch, remember?)

At last, I have to say, I am not against to showing off your nice sisters, just show it in a classy way. No angry pissey yea *hugs*


  1. ClumsyPinkPanther30 May 2013 at 20:15

    I couldn't agree with you more. For me, sexy is a combination of inner and outer beauty.Sexy is not about showing off body ,it requires more on the girl's wisdom, elegant movement and clothing choice which suits the girl's character.

    btw, can't wait for ur next blog..... keep update kay...;)

    1. Yup thats so true! Aww thanks for your support, I really appreciate it *big hearts*

  2. Sexy to me is about character. Her smile, her brain, her thoughts, and her confidence. All this translates to a girl who knows how to pick her clothes in style without having to resort to gimmicks. Thats what I think anyway ;) Btw, NAIZ BLOGGG

    1. Thankss! Good to hear from guy's side about the perception of sexy :D

  3. Hi Chloe! Such a NICE blog!!!!! First of all I enjoy reading this coz the title "be sexy, be classy" attract me! For me, sexy is something unique on everyone. Fatty can be sexy too just depends on how they show it out. Love ourself and have our own own character, that's the most sexy side of us! Between, ur dress fit u nice and ya, it does bring out sexy feeling! Excited and hope I can read ur next blog post soon! ;D

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