Thursday, 9 May 2013


"Go home straight after class. Don't go to Kelana Jaya."
One of my lecturer keep on reminding us this during the lesson.

Why would she say this? Maybe she concern about our safety? Don't want us to be stuck in a massive jam? Or she is a BN supporter?

Non of it above.
"I don't recommend my students to be involved in politics. You guys dont have the liability and responsible to all these."

Really? Aren't we a part of Malaysian? Aren't we are those who witnessed the falling of democracy in the GE13? Aren't we the people who are going to live in Malaysia in the future? Aren't we suppose to protect our own right? Aren't we suppose to protect our home?

I totally CAN'T AGREE with her.

I didn't went to Kelana Jaya. I chose to support them by watching live streaming. But it doesn't mean that I am not concern about the whole issue.  I convince my friends and relatives to vote, I track up authentic information among the thousands of post in FB, I waited for the results from the beginning till the end, I feel the pain and anger with everyone, I explain our situation to my international friends... I care about my country. So when she say it is not our responsibility to care about the country, it blasted me off.

"Actually for me, who ever win, wins. Anyone who lost, have to accept that. Nothing much different. It doesnt affect my job as a lecturer."

Well, everyone have their right to speak out their thoughts, and to believe in what they believe in. But dear lecturer, would you choose to give your children a clean and healthy environment to grow, or a country which is racist, autocracy, and full of lies? Do you want your children to grow up with the mindset where using dirty scam to achieve their goals is a right thing to do? :)

I am sure that there are still alot outside there who thinks that what we people do is just pointless and we are just too free to bother about politics. Seriously people, wake up. Or you can just feel the impact by the implication of GST, and the rises of the price soon. Owh, maybe you will also realized the problem when your right as a citizen has finally been snatched by some foreign workers.

We are the real Malaysian. We are the future of our country, we gonna build our family here (unless you wanna immigrate), we are those who are better educated than the elder generation about democracy and humans right. We need to do what we can to protect our future. I am not eligible to vote, I convince the others to vote. I can't join the rally, as I don't want my parents to worry about me, their daughter who stays outside alone, but I catch it up ASAP. I know there are much more people who did a million times more than me, but at least I did something. At least, when my kid ask me in the future, I can proudly say that I fought as a part of Malaysian. So, if you haven't start doing your part, start now. If you had done more than me, I pay a big salute to you, and I wanna say: Thank You for Doing All This.

p.s. to my lecturer: You are still a cool lecturer for me :) (But not a responsible Malaysian.)


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