Sunday, 9 June 2013


Phew, finally I have the time to blog about this
(well although its because i am voiceless now)

Firstly, YAY for my domain! Finally I get my own domain! *fireworks* I am so happy to finally OWN my blog especially after something that happened to me few weeks ago.

(I know this is a long post but please do read till the end, especially dear bloggers)

The story begins from this person, who claim that he is the digital manager of Publika, (well this part seems true) approached me on facebook after I posted a status about the SwingingInStyle fashion show for LuxeSwinger in Publika. He wanted me to blog about an event which is happening in Publika too. Well, seems legit, so I asked him to tell me more details about it.

Le weirdo

Publika's post on my page about their digital manager

He started to talk about my blog, saying that I am a talented blogger, but seems like my traffic is not high enough, so he can help me to raise the traffic, intro me to his clients such as samsung etc.....blah blah blah. Well I know la my traffic not high enough to fight the other famous bloggers such as chuckei ashley felixia etc, so what is his point? Well at that moment, I have 2 conclusion: he really wanted to help me, or he want to lower the price.

Then he started to brag about himself, saying that he helped alot of bloggers, he own a few websites which have million uniques everyday etc.., and wanted to meet up with me to discuss more about my blog. Well, everything seems going too far for me, so I asked him to just settle the event report thingy first, and we will talk about the others in the future. Here, my second conclusion came TRUE! He start to nag that my price is too high, my blog do not deserve that value, my audience is not broad enough... Making my blog sounds very unwanted and no value at all.

Website that he claims its his

At that point, I knew this fella is weird. So I started to fish: 'How can you help my blog?' He started to say he will help me target keywords la, GET A PROPER DOMAIN la..and thats all. Then continue brag about himself, and I ended the conversation as I am too tired to handle this weirdo.


After I blogged about SwingingInStyle pre-event, he messaged me AGAIN. He say that his company has agreed to buy me my domain, intro me to their client and they will take 30% commission. Sounds like a good deal eh? 'I will buy my own domain, but I am fine with the client part.' I said, as I don't want to have any legacy issue next time. 'Oh, then I have a bad news for you, we already bought' 

That pissed me off. Totally. It is so unprofessional and unethical that when you know I am interested to get my own domain, (i told him in the first conversation), and you still buy it. 'I treat everything as business. And this is to protect your domain from being snatch by others.'

And hey hey wait, he bought my domain when he claims that my blog has no value!? That totally doesn't make sense.'Ya, but we think that you have the potential.'

I instantly checked on the website where I planned to bought my domain from, my domain is STILL AVAILABLE!! I asked dearie to continue chat with him to distract him, and I bought it straight before he really buys it.

And of course I successfully bought it, and the first thing I do after that, is throw it straight to his face. Kinda funny when he did his last losing fight, ' Our bid on the domain is couple hours before you, so you will find that it get revoked.'
FUNNIEH. (But I actually so ganjiong for the next 48 hours, keep checking that whether my domain still working fine)

And yeah, so that is the incident bomb that finally makes me finally make the move to get my own domain, which I always only thought about it. Thanks to this weirdo :)

At the end of this post, I have to say I have no issue towards Publika (I love that place!) and Growell Global company. I am just stating out what happened on me. Maybe he will say the reason why I still can get my domain after all this is they cancelled the bid or whatsoever, but yea, its the fact that you are unethical, as it is like a kind of threatening action by telling a blogger: 'Hey I bought the domain that you wanted for so long time, so you better work for me.'
And you are such a liar if you did not bought my domain at all. :)


  1. he thought that he can make you lower price by threatening you in such lousy way... @@ luckily you didn't get into his trap.

    1. i know right. *sigh* hopefully he is not doing that to other bloggers too!


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