Wednesday, 19 June 2013

SwingingInStyle Fashion Show by LuxeSwinger

Firstly, for those who have no idea whats SwingingInstyle Fashion Show is, click here to read about it :D

I know it has been quite some days ago but yea I was SOOO BUSY about all the submissions that have their deadline cramped up together, plus I had been sick for almost 2 weeks *sigh*. Okay back to the topic. I am so proud to be one of the 12 bloggers featured in this Fashion Show. Well honestly, its really seldom for me to APPEAR as a blogger, as I am more known as a model, but hey being a blogger is also something that I really want to do also so HUGE THANKS TO LuxeSwinger for giving me the chance!

Thank god I didn't walk like a man that day, although still I did not walk elegantly as my ankle is still hurting from the fell last month and the heels almost killed me. Well, we are told that we don't need to walk like PRO PRO Paris Model as we are bloggers today, so just walk like the way you want. (Awwww I love being a blogger so niceeeee hahaha)

And this hot pink dress that I am wearing, I am seriously IN LOVE with it!! You can feeeeeeeel the wind when you walk and it makes me feels like I am the princess, the focus of everyone! (Cause the movement is so big when you walk pass so everybody sure look at you la) I almost wanted to pose like Peter Pan cause it is REALLLLY FLOWWWWYYY.

I was actually wearing the orange version of it at first, which is more matured looking. But they gave me this before the event started, saying that this suits me better. Maybe its because although the orange dress make me look more matured, but the others is still way lady like than me, so they went another way around, just dress me up like a cute girl. Kids should never try to act like adult infront of real adults. Lol.

The orange version, and me before hairdo

So here are the pics!
Picture credit to Peoplegraphy

Opps, modifying in process!

Heels that saved me from being a hobbit, but almost kill me too.

World of selca and social media *laughs*

I'm a photo bomb hahahaha

Pressie for the bloggers, which includes the outfit that we wore for the photoshoot! <3

Nomsss we actually had some in the backstage hahaha

Me, the little girl among ladies

Really little girl lol

These are from my iPhone 5
Gosh the picture quality >.< why I forget bring cameraaaaaa
Me and Audrey

Ashley Ahn

Amanda why u sooo tall XD

Caroline and Sunshine Kelly

Casey sorry for the low pixel pic idk what happened T.T

Dear babe Ren who came for me <3 Aww sooo touched *hugs*

I would say that I enjoyed the event ALOT, and really thanks to LuxeSwinger for giving me the chance to participate in such a fun event. Also, thanks to everyone who helped me in the event. By the way, pow your own gorgeous piece from LuxeSwinger at Publika now! Or you can shop online on!


  1. good pics hehe.. saw Kelly too there in pic :D


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