Thursday, 18 July 2013

MCD Fooled Me

Yup, now I am tired as crap. Came back from the long queue outside the MCD nearest my house, and finally settled down.


I never bought a minion in the midnight. Always the daytime but since last time I cant get one of the minion I decided to make it a lil bit extreme this time. I went to queue up at 1130, which was the time that I THOUGHT it was reasonable. Well obviously there were crazier people, cause I saw a queue outside the entrance when I reached.

I jump out of the car, and joined the queue as soon as possible, like a mad fan girl wanting to get my SHINee tickets (yea I am a huge fan of them). I waited patiently, passionately, excited to get my first set of midnight bought minions. And the queue started to be longer, and longer, AND LONGER. It just feels like we are going to surround the MCD and start to attack them for minions.

Its not that comfy to stand outside. I just came back from connaught night market so obviously I am abit sticky already and queuing outside obviously made me feel like a glue stick. A random high school kid is nagging and talking loud, trying to act like a gangster, showing how impatient he is to wait. A bunch of hardworking students is queuing up with study notes on their hand, (but they seems like chatting more than studying though lol). Some parents brought their kids, which includes baby =="

Finally 12am ARRIVED. I thought that the staff is gonna be settling us with the best speed as I saw there are a bunch of ready packed Happy Meals on the counter. They should be like: "Pay. Then take your friggin Happy Meal and Minions. Next customer!"


They took their sweet time sour time bitter time whatsoever as long as longest time to serve. I was like 5 meters away from the entrance when I start to queue (which means I am the first 1/4 of the queue), an hour later I am like 3 metres away from the entrance. 


Really MCD? Seriously? You can't even handle the first wave of customers, no, the 1/4 of the first wave of customer? They just managed to serve the first 2 meters of the queue, which approximately maximum there is 40 person? And lets say everyone got 4 sets max, so you only have 160 sets when you obviously know that there is so high demand of them????? Ridiculous.

Wasted 2 hours queuing up for NOTHING. I originally planned to go Melaka on tomorrow early morning but I cancelled my plan because I wanted to get the minion at midnight and I dont want myself going to a food trip with dying battery. 


Well, at least I experienced the higher level of minions craze by myself. I am not going to queue for it in the morning. MCD made me feel like a fool that stood outside them for 2 hours so I am very ENOUGH OF QUEUING.

After all,

Good Night. *yawns*


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