Saturday, 20 July 2013

Oh My Gas, Its Ultra Smooth!!!

I always LOVES ice-cream. (oh come on who don't like em) Its funny but actually my all time favorite ice cream is Mcd Sundae cone. Price is a plus point, but the main thing is I LOVE their smooth texture!

And recently I have found my NEW LOVE, which is Oh My Gas!! Heard about Oh My Gas liquid nitrogen ice-cream since their opening in Pavillion but never got the tie to check em out until few days ago, and I would be very proud to announce that I am going to have lotsa midnight craving for this!

It is located on the same floor of Pavillion's food republic, nearby Sticky.

And here, everything is customize according to your like!

How Does It Works:
Step 1: Choose your base (gelato, ice-cream or soy). Gelato is always my first choice!

Step 2: Pick your favourite flavour and colour. I've chosen mango with pink colour! Nasty hahaha
Step 3: Stare at the amazing process with lotsa steam and actually u cant see anything except steam lol

Step 4: Grab your ice-cream, selca.

Step 5: Feel the KICK!

I am super duper awesomely crazily surprised when I tried my first scoop of it! HOW IZZIT POSSIBLE TO HAVE SUCH A SMOOTH ICE CREAM ON EARTH!!!!! It just glide down to your throat, leaving you full of the fragrance of mango in your mouth! RAWRRRRRRRR THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME

And another thing about Oh My Gas, is you won't feel bloated even after you sapu the whole cup! It is quite obvious that small size girl like me doesnt have a gigantic appetite to fill in loads of heavy, creamy ice-cream after meal, or to fit in a meal after swallowing a whole cup of Baskin-Robbins. (So its always kinda waste if dearie dont want to help me finish it lololol) But I finished the whole thing, and went to a heavy Bak Kut Teh right after that. #totallydazed

Googled abit about liquid nitrogen ice-cream works, and I finally understand why they tastes so smooth! Apparently nitrogen's boiling point is at -321°F, so it freezes everything that it touches! And because the process of freezing the ice-cream is at a flash speed, the molecules of the milk is remained small and the water did not have time to form into crystals yet. Thats why its ultra smooth and creamy at the same time!


Fashion of the Day: Chained headband forgotten where I bought, Lace-top from F Block, Strapped High Waist Shorts from Fashion Salad Bazaar, Mixed material Bag from Charles and Keith, Leopard Print Platform Sneakers from Parkamaya

PS: Magnum you wanna try some Oh My Gas?


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