Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What A Girl Wants

1. Stay with her
Don't have to stick with her 24/7, but at least dinner together a day. Or even just a phone call might works sometimes. Just make her feel that she is NEEDED and she is not the only one who misses you.

2. Be proud of her
Bring her to your friends and family. Proudly show her to people around you. Makes her feel involved with your life. Seriously, whats so bad to bring your gf unless you don't want to let the others know that you are taken?

3. Understand her
Yea I know 99.9% of guys thinks that girls are unreasonable animal that will go crazy without any reason. But trust me, there is always reason, and by 50% of chances, the reason is you, someone that she cares much more than the other stuffs. Tips: If one day you found out that she wont get mad, upset and moody because of you, it just simply means that you mean nothing to her.

4. Make her proud
Guys needed their ego, so do girls. Seriously I don't understand those boyfriend who like to act cool and not caring of their girlfriend infront of her friends. Be as sweet as you can infront of her friends, (of course, not till a level of disgust), it will make her proud. Don't create an image of "her bf dont care about her" for the girl that you care.

5. Be there when she needs you
Girl's world are much more complicated than guys'. Gossips, fakeness, cat fights, backstabbings... all these might sound stupid to the guys but yea, we are not like you guys, where a problem can be solved by punching and screwing up each others. Girls are born more sensitive than guys, so they tend to have more problems with each others, (and even if your gf dont have the problem with the others, the others will have problem with her). So please do understand that she needs you to back her up, or at least, listen to her.

The easiest way to master these: Make her feel needed, supported, and LOVED.

Some little words of mine to the guys as a girl :)


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