Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bumped into another contest-- Asia Muse 2013

Yellooooo buddies dearies babes or whatsoeveries! I am BACKKKK! Refreshed and tired from all the business trips and vacations recently. (Yup I am preparing for the launching of my business which will come very soon week? Will update everyone once its confirmed :D) And about the vacation to Vietnam, give me some time to compile the pics, while busy setting up my business and rolling around in fb to gain votes for myself in this Asia Muse Search yea! (Oh my god asking for votes is so hard as I scared people will find me annoying T.T)

Oh right, a short brief about Asia Muse Search 2013! It is a beauty search which is hosted by 2 Japanese Magazine,  Vivi Magazine and Mina Magazine, trying to find the true muse who looks gorgeous and have awesome fashion sense!

Lots of you might have known that I had actually been working with Mina Magazine for around...2 years? Since I was 18 and now I am 20. And all this actually started after I won the Mina Girl Search 2011. So why going back to another competition again? Well, I take it as a challenge to myself. When I won Mina Girl Search, I was just graduated from high school and know nothing much about modelling. I would say I am really lucky to be chosen as the winner and working with the professional team has allowed me to learn in a superduper fast speed. How many girls would be so lucky to start off their career in such a smooth way especially like me, a girl who don't have big breast and look like a kid that time? *laughs* I never know that I am so lucky until I discovered about the fact of cleavage=likes lol. Okay la I know my page still don't have as much likes as the others till now and probably thats the problem hahaha

Okay back to the topic. A challenge to myself. I want to prove that I had grown up from a young girl who thought that she knows a lot about fashion, to this slightly grown up girl who actually knows how to define what is fashionable and what is not. I can pose and walk better, act more matured, rather than keep hopping and babbling around the studio (which I still do sometimes if I am close to the team haha they know the real me)

And again, I am soooo lucky to be chosen as one of the top 20 finalist for Asia Muse Search after went through almost 400 participants. Thanks for not dumping the old model my dear Mina editors and sponsors for Asia Muse! *touched tears*

So here are the finalists!
Spotted me? :))

We were splitted into 2 groups for shooting, 10 for Mina and 10 for Vivi, and guess which group am I in? Of course my dearest Mina magazine hahahaha. I would like to try out Vivi when I have the chance but I am totally happy with Mina as I can be more comfortable when working with the team! (Which means keep talking and talking non-stop at the shoot lol)

The Mina bunch
(okay I look bloated that day)

Pages in Mina Magazine August 2013 issue:

Pressie for you guys-- HD version:

There will be a few events and workshops that I will attend as the finalist of Asia Muse, do come and support us and there will be goodies and latest fashion info on the spot! 

The details are as below:
Fashion workshop 
Date: 17th Aug 2013 (Sat)
Time: 2pm to 630pm (Registration at 1pm)
 Venue: Par Tea Time, Serdang
Contents: Tips on make up, skincare, and hairstyling, which transform every one of you into a muse!

Asia Muse 2013 Final
Date: 7th Sept 2013 (Sat)
Time: 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Venue: Tropicana City Mall

Lastly, PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR ME if you find me suitable to be the next Asia Muse!


  1. You're so pretty! Look like Meisy Wong. (A Mina model too) ^·^ Wish you win again this year!


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