Thursday, 29 August 2013

My very loved Gwyneth Leather Handbags

PS: I always wanted to do a review on Gwyneth Leather Handbag but always forgot about it. Thanks to the scratch on my bag, I finally remembered =="

NOOOOOO *cries*

I have actually been using this bag since....April? And I have been stuffing in approximately 4kg of stuffs in it everyday. Ya I know thats alot. See, girls have alot of things to carry around. Makeup pouch which contains mascara, blusher, lipglosses, concealer, loose powder at least; a purse with all the member cards, cash, polaroid photos, and sometimes coins which contribute to the weight the most; smartphone with powerbank (seriously powerbank isn't light at all); and keys, tissues, blah blah blah...

Everywhere it follows me

So getting a handbag which is super duper durable with big capacity, but at an affordable price is ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT. So as a conclusion, I am actually very happy with this Chevrolet GM made by Gwyneth, this sweet and pretty local bag designer.It actually survived so long with my torture!! And its still quite fine except this lil scratch which I think its caused by my keys when I always hold my keys in my palm while carry the bag.

Super capacity. I used to bring a gigantic tote bag to shootings cause I might need to bring along alot of shoes (sometimes they dont have your size) and basic stuffs like tube top, cardigan, chocolate (to comfort the stomach as sometimes we don't have time to eat), and etc.. But I am totally fine going with this baggie cause I can stuff everything in it except the shoes I have to put them in a seperate bag la which is actually better for the shoes to stay in shape. Or when I attend classes, they work fine as well cause they can stuff in a bag of twisties or potatp chips for me to munch in the class lol. (Yup no paper notes, I uses soft copies so they wont ended up as salted veggies or lost in no where.)

Oh yeah, did you guys realize something? It doesn't look dirty although I brought it EVERYWHERE! Its in dark purple colour so I guess even it got dirty it still doesn't gonna be obvious. Perfect for me who can't stand dirty bags but hate to throw them cause of the money I spent.

I even intro it on mina magazine

To be honest, this is my very first try on local designer's brand, and Gwyneth Leather Handbags is doing soooo well which is out of my expectation. The design is obviously nice, and the quality is totally beyond my expectation! The best part is our lady boss Gwyneth, she is absolutely sweet and nice, TOTALLY.

Oh btw, almost forgot to introduce this new Walletnizer by Gwyneth! After my first nice experience with their handbag, I fell in love with this new product of them right after I got them! Best part about this cluth/slingbag, is I can fit my Iphone 5 in it! (it can even take S3 if not mistaken)

It comes with super duper cute packaging, handpicked by Dear Gwyneth

So cute I melts even before I see the walletnizer!

So if you guys are looking for original, versatile, and durable bag, do take a look from them!


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