Thursday, 19 September 2013

Asia Muse Search 2013 Final, A New Milestone of Mine

Yello honeys! Finally a pretty pics post after so long! Has been collecting all the pictures of the competition day from the photographers and they are all so nicely taken! (Just some of my face look totally funny and stupid ==", normal case lah, always hapen on me, ALWAYS)

I woke up really early in the morning on that day for the preparation and rehearsal. Seriously, we all look so tired and blur in the morning lol. But my nerves got kicked up by the adrenaline after I know that I am the LUCKIEST PERSON EVER cause I am the FIRST one to go on the stage. OMG that was totally scary. And what more? We don't have time to rehearse for our performance, and because I am the FIRST one, I only have like 30 secs to change before the talent show. SERIOUSLY!? My brain was spinning about all the possibilities of disaster that might happen during my performance: what if I fall? what if I can't hear the music? what if the CD can't play? what is my shoes start to walk by themselves.....etc.

Before the show. You can see how nervous and blur I am to my destiny in the next 2 hours.

There were 18 finalists so its actually quite a big project to get us all dressed and dolled up. But Monsoon-id, our sponsor saloon of the day, easily done their job with their big and skillful crew, in the gigantic, well equipped saloon. (They are actually official sponsor for a lot of TV programs in Media Prima, such as the daily news reports, competitions and dramas)

And here comes the picha time!

First Session: Fashion Runway

Outfit Sponsored by Spicy Colour

My group for Fashion Runway Session:
Ren, Mindy, and Me!

Love the Loose Curl by Monsoon-id
And the make up by our sponsor, CLIO and PeriPera!

Draw for the theme of our 2nd Session: Mix& Match Competition!

We got Theme B

We are entitled to pick 2 items per person to dress up yourselves.

It was actually quite challenging as the options are very limited >.<
I have chosen a yellow top and a yellow diamond head band (In case you can't see it lol)

Tada~~Thank god the top that I chosen fits my size *phew*
What do you think about my choice?

Talent show time!
That was so rushing! I hardly could get my breath back before I start to sing

What I did for my talent show? 
日不落by Jolin remix with Bubble Pop by Hyuna!
3 minutes passed by even before everything is over and I am still in the rushing around mood!
But after that, I am so relieved and sink into the 'ultimate vacation mood'
(Which means mingle around freely hahaha)

While we are waiting for the result!
(PS: Spot my 2nd hairstyle?)
I LOVE this 2nd hairstyle till mad! Feels so kawaii with that flippy side ponytail muahahaha
I am so lucky to be chosen as one of the contestants that can change to a 2nd hairstyle!

Signature Beauty Pageant Style

Sadly I wasn't chosen as one of the TOP 3 *sigh*
But congratulation to Amy, Mia, and Yuth!
You guys did a great job!

It was such a great memories with all the girls and I started to miss all of them already!
(especially the chit chat and 38 times hahaha)
SOOOOO happy to meet all of you! *LOVES*

And last but most important,
Thank you so much! I won't be able to gone so far without you guys! *touched till the max*
Sorry if I let you guys down, I will try my best to improve and perfect myself!

Thanks for all the photographers for the beautiful photos!
Adam TaiSiew KeiJack YapHeero LooJet LowKCee KUaJay Chin, Lloyd Yap)
Please click here for more photos!


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