Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Dinner Review: The Gastro Project

I was invited to attend this private media review event by The Gastro Project last Tuesday. And guess what?Its actually our 7th Monthsary so we sorta so-called celebrated it there. (We usually spend the monthsaries with loads of pizza and a good movie in the house lol so piggy)

Outside of The Gastro Project
(The restaurant is closed for our private event that night)

I love their interior as it kinda gives me a feeling of dazed...? Like I am out of the reality life lol. Maybe thanks to their floor tiles and yellow lighting.(yup I am very drowsy once I am under yellow light)

Apple Crumble Martini as the welcoming drink

 I was introduced to their signature drink, AC Martini when I reached there. Its really sweet as they added some caramel in the drink. Audrey and Ashley finds it too sweet, but dearie likes it alot. For me, I think its quite nice but too much to finish the whole thing. (I am not a good drinker anyways lol)

We chilled and chit chat at the bar while waiting for everyone to arrive

Mini Snacks served around:
Mini Orrechiette

My heart melted when I saw this cute little snack! The lamb sausage and the creamy cumin flavoured sauce matches so well!

Mini Mushroom Tart

Bite size snacks are always awesome. But the more awesome thing about this mushroom tart, is you feel like you are having quite some amount of food despite its just sooooo tiny. Guess its because of the polenta base.

And after a long wait, its finally dinner time!

Quick picha with the Menu of the Day

Japanese Style Salad

Honestly I am not a salad person cause everytime I take them I feel like a cow lol. But I find this Japanese Style Salad very different cause it have a very strong fragrance from the sesame dressing. It tones down the 'grassy smell' of the veggies and the smell actually stimulates my appetite, VERY WELL.

Candid shot by dearie

Buttercream King Prawn!

Surprisingly this dish is a spicy one. The gigantic prawn no doubt is nice, but the mantao that serves along is the one that caught my attention. Its just like the way where we dip mantao to the crab dishes sauce, but this time its spicy buttercream. The white wine that they choose for us suits this really well too!

Its really BIG!

Crabmeat Aglio Olio, Steak, Lamb Stew

The crabmeat is really generous, and the best part is-NO SHELL!! So friggin easy to eat lol. 
The half cooked beef steak, tasty. With mashed pumpkin that is not my fav lol
About the stew, I can appreciate the lamb on top, but the texture of couscous (tiny lil rice like thing) at the bottom is not my thing.


For dessert, we are firstly served by this cloudy, white looking drink, which kinda looks like..ahem..Okay la its actually Lemon Sorbet if I did not wrongly remember the name. 

Audrey: She is gonna try that omg 

And it turns out pretty well! At first we thought that its some sort of alcohol cause we had been served with Martini, White Wine, Red Wine, Champagne the whole night. Such a miracle that I am not drunk lololol.

Vanilla Pana Cotta, Choc Cake Balls with Rum Cocoa Sauce, Strawberry Triffle

The Vanilla Pana Cotta is too sweet for me, but I guess those who loves their dessert to be really sweet will find their true love here haha. And the Choc Cake Balls? Surprisingly its not too sweet at all. Mildly sweet with the heavenly tasty Run Cocoa Sauce. The refreshing English Strawberry Triffle ends up the meal with a wonder.

It was a great meet up again with Ashley and Audrey *much loves*
(Errrm no idea where these noises from ==')

Oh before I forget, some quick info for you if you are interested to visit them! The Gastro Project's concept was inspired by the experience of the founder, Dr Roshni Menon with the gastro pubs in England. What they want is not just a place to drink, but have fantastic food as well. Not just for drinking, TGP is dedicated to families as well. (The mom of the founder told me that because they are actually a family business so family values are more important here. Makes me feel warm *smile*) The have a mini theater on the second floor, with cozy couches and bean bags. So you can enjoy their signature pizza, while watching movie with your closest family! Might as well get a drink if your family are all adults haha. Seriously I wanna bring my parents here!

The mini theater (Couches are changed to cocktail table due to our function that night)

(These are the real portion when normal customer visits them. What I ate that night are all in mini portion or all the guests will be bloated mad hahaha)

Japanese Style Salad


Crabmeat Aglio Olio

The TGP Pizza

Buttercream King Prawn

Lamb Stew

Steak with Truffle Oil Mac and Cheese

Choc Cake Ball with Rum Cocoa Sauce

English Strawberry Triffle

The Gastro Project focuses on Fusion Food experience and I would say they really did a great job! Seen too much failed so- called fusion food. *sigh*

Operation Hours:
 11am-11pm (Mon -Thurs)
11am- Midnight (Friday)
11am-1am (Sat, Sun, & Public Holidays)

*If you are more to local tastebud, you can too try out The Local by TGP, which is located in Jaya One!

Good Nights!!


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