Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Food Review: Kaiju Burger by Burger Lab

Yup this is just a random short blog post about tonight's random dinner experience, but randomness is always good as all my random food experience has never disappoint me!

Dearie the Mr Athlete Wannabe (new name I gave to him) nags that he wanna play badminton tonight, so me, Ivene and her bf Ah Poh decided to have dinner somewhere nearby after dropping off dearie. And obviously, we ended up in Burger Lab lol.

I actually decided to go with what I always order, the A++ Burger until I saw this NEW CREATION by the super evil Burger Lab team, The Kaiju Burger. (cause it has smoked salmon in it which is my recent favourite muahahahaha)

So its basically made up by Smoked Salmon, Ebiko, Beef Patty, Spring Onion, Lettuce, with Teriyaki Sauce.


It feels much lighter compared with A++ Burger, cause it has less sauce and cheese in it maybe? The burger tastes very nice but I can't really taste the ebiko because it is covered but by the smoked smell of the salmon and the beef patty. It would be better if the spring onion is removed ( I just simply don't like spring onion but Ivene find them nice though).

Overall, it is a nice and light burger which I will say very suitable for girls. It is so light and for the first time I am able to finish the fries as well! (plus 2 cups of ice lemon tea)

Must Try Rate: ★★★★

I know..I know.. there is only one picha in this blog post.. Burger Lab is too crowded so I have to eat fast and give the seat to those who need it, so I don't have the time to take so much picha or selca or whatsoever.. Well, the main reason is, I didn't thought to blog about this until I finish the whole thing.


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