Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I am very very so damn pretty sure you, who are reading my post here, is a food lover, free stuff lover, and a social media expert. (Don't kill me if I am wrong but I suppose I'm right if you are attracted here by my title heee)

The GOOD NEWS that I am gonna share with all of you is right in the title! FREE FOOD! FREE FLOW! Brought by your fav activity everyday, social media!

Nuffnang is organizing the First Ever Tweet and Eat Fest in Malaysia! Yup, literally, tweet and get your food for free!

What is gonna be served there?
1. Grills and Chills : Awesome pawsome Meat Feast!
2. Beer Garden: OMG are you seriously kidding me? FREE BEER!?
3. Oriental Delicious: Eastern Cuisines, from sushi to noodles!
4. Court Champions: Collection of best food in town!
Dessert Social: Refreshing treats to Sinful Delights, they have 'em all!
Carts and Stands: Where we always finds our best food, food stalls!

No cash is required that day! Just bring your phone WITH TWITTER DOWNLOADED IN IT and of course a twitter account lol

Download their apps to get first hand news from NNFOODFEST 2013!

This is such a dream situation for us social media experts! Oh come on, everyone are social media expert nowadays. Please don't tell me that you aren't when you spend so much time on FB, Twitter, and Instagram every single day. So tweeting essentially almost take no effort other than moving our thumbs on the phone screen! Why ever say no to free good food?

There is no reason to not come. When you can get free food (once again I am repeating this), free beer (do I need to mention how awesome is this?) and have a chance to bump into famous bloggers in malaysia there!

Date: 5/10/2013
Time: 4pm- 10pm
Venue: Sunway Pyramid, Blue Atrium


Tell me what you think!