Thursday, 12 September 2013

I am fairer in 7 Days! -- Cefenere Product Review

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Yello honeys! I have a great news to share with you guys! I AM FAIRER NOW RAWRRRR!

I never consider myself having a fair skin, neither tan skin as well. My skin was....yellowish? It just look unhealthy and not striking. My mum used to think that I might be having some sort of sickness which cause me to be so yellow lol but no I am just born with my father side's skin tone.

I always find ways to improve my skin tone. There is a sentence in Mandarin, "一白遮三丑", which means fair skin can cover up your imperfect features. So getting fair has been my target since I know how to take care of my skin. I have tried quite some products, some worked pretty well and some doesn't work at all. And this time, Imma introduce about Cefenere.

It claims that it can give you a total skin makeover in 7 days. Cool! But I can't really believe it at first. I told myself, "its just 7 days anyway, why not just try for this short period?" AND IT TURNS OUT VERY WELL!

See the difference? My skin is fairer (or to say less yellow) and the tone is more even! I have some lil bit of dark spots near my cheek, which I am very very very scared of them to grow bigger. But Cefenere successfully lighten the pigmentations! And my cheek got a slightlyyyyyyyy blush? It might not be super duper much different but all these just happened within a week! JUST 7 DAYS!

Before I started this whole trial, Roslind from Cefenere consulted me about my skin condition via email. I told her about my problems and she recommended me with their Fair-Passion Series. The 3 key elements in Fair Passion Series are Alpha Arbutin, PHA, and Vitamin C, which are commonly used to reduce pigmentation and brighten up skin tone.

The set contains Perpetual Essence, E-Sense Serum, Ultralizing Cream and Clarifying Sun-Block.

Perpetual Essence: Deep Moisture (Day)
It actually feels like hyaluronic acid to me. Water based, not oily at all.

E-Sense Serum: Treat pigmentation, restore glows to the skin. (Day and Night)
It is actually a form of serum oil. I am always very scared of oily product cause I hate to feel sticky after applying all the products, but their E-Sense serum is easily to be absorbed so the stickiness will be gone like after 2 minutes.

Ultralizing Cream: Lighten pigmentation, slough off dead cells (Night)
To be applied after E-Sense Serum at night time. Its texture is quite thick but just like the serum, it can be absorbed pretty fast!

Clarifying Sun-Block: Protection against UV ray, Lighten pigmentation
Comes with a light a comfortable smell. It is such a moisturizing sun-block product but not oily at all!

To be honest, I was really really scared of oil based product before I try Cefenere. I always scared that the oil in those product will cause pimples and more white heads on my face. But surprisingly, after I used Cefenere, my white heads are significantly lost! Yup I said LOST! Wowwwww I am totally impressed! So my skin now is smooth and fairer, just after 7 days of using Cefenere! Make Over succeeded!

If you are interested to have a skin make over as well, do try Cefenere now! (Psssss you can try their essential starter kit first if you wanna give it a try first!!) Just visit their website now!


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