Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What Does The Fox Say? Question Solved!

Few days ago dearie shown me this video, and after the first 10 seconds, I was like, what on earth am I watching? But the video is so weird until the extend where I can't take my eyes off it, waiting to see what happens next there! I was waiting waiting and waiting for a question to be solved throughout the video, WHAT ON EARTH DOES A FOX SOUND LIKE!? And never get my answer till the end of the video. *sweat*

And so I googled about it! Well I am too lazy to read how does a fox sounds like, so I clicked in the first video that popped out! Sound are mean to be heard, not read lol.

So okayyyyyy, fox doesn't "ding ding ding ding ding reding", or "Tjoff tjoff tjoff tjoff tjoff", they sounds quite differently to time and moments. What a mysterious kind of animal huh? No wonder they are always being described as the tricky one. Too cunning till the extend where people don't even know how they sound like so its hard to hunt them down!

NOW PROBLEM SOLVED. And what I am gonna do, is replay the music video muahahaha. Okay its quite addictive I had been rewatching it numerous time please kill me hahaha.



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