Friday, 4 October 2013

A Day Surrounded by Japanese, Saloon Number76 +Dolly Wink

Again, this is a post which I had been writing for quite some time as I need to figure out a way to arrange everything. Well, I deleted all my old draft, and started off with this free style writing. (Just because I can't continue the awesome mess I have created which I firstly thought it was awesome lol)

Okay back to the topic. Number76 has been visited by lots and lots and lots of bloggers before. Numerous review has been done about them and I am always so excited to try there. Just one concern: the price.

FYI, the base price for hair dye at number76 (for long hair) is RM260, and price of hair cut varies from RM76 to RM 168, not including the treatments which is really essential for girls who have long dyed hair like me.

What makes me finally pay them a visit? Preparation for Asia Muse Search Final, and too curious about HOW GOOD THEY ARE.

I made an appointment with Hikky, the director of Mont Kiara branch. She is sooo cute when I walked into the shop, she gave me a big smile. (And I was terribly late lol) Please kill me for forgot to take picture with Hikky-san.

I wanted a colour that will make me look fairer, and she recommended me to try this Lavender Ash colour. While her asistant, Junior (yup thats his name) helping me to apply the colour, he suggested me to do their signature magic treatment - Ultrasonic Iron, to give my hair more strength to handle all the styling and curling that its gonna be facing on the next day for Asia Muse Search Final. and their latest service, Tansan, which is a form of deep cleansing for scalp, great for maintaining healthy hair.

And here's the outcome! I found out that all my selcas on that day looks a bit blurry and still the photographers on the event next day did a better job. Gonna use the second day pictures cause they show the real colour better. Time to get my ZR1000 lol.

Its actually a greenish-ash colour, which really makes me look fairer! I have heard that ash colour actually makes you look pale without make-up, but I don't really mind cause I do light make up everyday and it still looks pretty good with me! So tempted to do a lighter tone next time. (My mum gonna kill me lol but who cares she herself have red highlights hahaha)

I am really happy to say that my experience with 76style is AWESOME. The magical ultrasonic treatment really makes my hair smooth and pretty even after the massive styling-torturing session on the next day! And oh, thanks so much to Hikky-san and Junior for the great service, and great discount for me <3 I am definitely sure I will go back to them next time cause its really an enjoyable experience.

Before I forget: 76style having a great promotion now! What you have to do is just bring along a friend to style your hair together, and both of you will enjoy 20% off! (One of you have to own their member card :3) Get pretty together now!
And right after I finish my hair session, I rushed to the Dolly Wink by Koji Honpo workshop, which is held in Little Pantry, IOI Mall. My gosh so rush where I need to just munch my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe in the car.

I was late when I reached, so when we walked in everyone was like so concentrated listening to the talk by representatives of Koji Honpo from Japan. *awkward*

Me and Ren grab a seat with lighting speed, and soon our eyes got attracted by all the decorations lol.
Tsubasa always have some kind of irresistible cuteness 

SOOOO DOLLY *huge eyes*

Decorated with Koji Honpo's line of products

Can I do this in my room as well? *puppy eyes*

Toy of the day, a.k.a Goodies (except the cream eye shadow) *sobs*

Well, if you heard about Dolly Wink or even used before, all these are nothing special for you right? (Although collect all of em might be the dream of girls) But how about this?

Dolly Wink's sister brand- Lash Concierge which haven't launched in Malaysia!

Lash Concierge Series is dedicated to more natural daily makeup, while Dolly Wink is more towards cutie pie, doll-like look. 

Lucky me got to try on Lash Concierge no.5! Feels so good to use something exclusive muahahaha. I've chosen this model of false lashes which is only half, which means you only apply it on the last half of your eye.

Super Duper Natural! Of course you will still look like you have make up on your face, but without the thick, seaweed kind of false lashes! I really don't like thick lashes I think they look like two pieces of seaweed on top of your eyes. And its REAAALLYY LIGHT AND SOFT, where you don't even feel like you are wearing falsies!

Packaging of Lash Concierge, with casual looking model.

Comparison of Dolly Wink no.10 (left) vs Lash Concierge no.5 (right)

Which one do you prefer? I would say Dolly Wink for events and shooting, Lash Concierge for meet ups and dating, or even shopping! I actually wore a few times of Lash Concierge for full day after that, and I did not ended up feeling sleepy due to the weight of lashes! (I always feels drowsy after wearing falsies for more than 5 hours cause they somehow added some load for my poor eyelid)

Oh and also, did you notice about the aegyo sal (卧蚕) makeup? Its not an eyebag kay although they look very similar but eyebag is bigger and it makes you look tired. Aegyo sal actually makes your eyes look more adorable (they said), so its very popular recently among Koreans and Japanese! A way to create aegyo sal without inserting fillers is to highlight your bottom eyeline! I already have bit bit of aegyo sal, but its not big enough so I used the Dolly Wink white liner here to pop em out! Their white liner is not too glitter-ish so your makeup will still remain natural-looking. (Please, like really dont use the too 'blink blink' ones cause you will ended up looking like a clown)

With Ren ma pretty 

Dress and bracelet from WOahApparel
White Heels from China Trip
Curled hair from 76style Mont Kiara Branch

Thanks for reading!
(And omg I finally finished it after 5 hours!)


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