Friday, 18 October 2013

Food Review: Dip n Dip, Bangsar

It has been sometime since I last posted food review *guilty*

Has been so busy on assignment and actually now I am doing this as a tiny break from my tons of reports *smirks* Well, blogging really does release my stress pretty well other than shopping XD

Sweetness overload! Headed to Dip n Dip, Bangsar that day after class with ma honeypots. I've heard about Dip n Dip and actually did passed by a few times but did not went in due to the crazy long queue outside the shop.

Surprisingly there is not much customer that day during our visit. Probably its a random weekday's afternoon and everyone is still working hahaha lucky us. I kinda enjoy semi-quite environment rather from crowded and tense atmosphere where we have to eat faster and give our table to the others. (Burgerlab exempted for their awesome food lol)

Hunts of the day:

Triple Chocolate Crepe
Almost every table there ordered at least a crepe so it seems like its their signature dish there. A thin soft crepe topped with melted Belgium chocolate. Well its really too sweet for us and it tastes much more better after we scratch off the chocolate on top lol what a waste. 

White Chocolate Strawberry
This tastes much better than I expected and it is not crazily sweet. I think most of the girls can enjoy this drink which warms up your tummy and mood!

Mini Dip Platter
Its kinda overpriced (but I forgotten the price ==') and the taste is just so so. Again, their chocolate is way too sweet and milky. Luckily the fruits served especially kiwi and strawberries and very very sour to sorta neutralize the sweetness of the sauce. Personally I prefer the combination of the cream puff with choc sauce the most as it tastes just nice. Psssss don't dip the brownies unless you can reaaaaally take sweet.

The three chocolate fountain
Sorry for the not so pretty picture of them as the waiters came to stop me from taking picture. I am kinda offended as their attitude was rude and they rushed me back to my seat. It is not like the fountains have gold or the chocolates will be flash frozen after seeing an iPhone5 took their picture lol. Well I mean, talk nicely to me lah why shoo me away like chicken.

Overall, I would rate my experience with Dip n Dip as a not so pleasant one. Too sweet and milky chocolate that doesn't make me feel worth the price, and slow serving plus rude attitude. Nothing biggy, just telling my experience. *teehee*


  1. clumsy pink panther18 October 2013 at 16:30

    IKR!!....Hi 5... will never visit again. ...

    1. They contacted me and apologize for the rude attitude, with some suggestions to try on their other food. Hmm maybe I would try one more time if I am in super duper good mood or my friend nags to go lol


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