Thursday, 31 October 2013

Food Review: Hungry Hog @ SS15

Tada~~ It‘s food review time again!! Honestly I have been sick up till now and doesn't have to chance to explore new food recently *sigh* My this visit to Hungry Hog, SS15 is like almost a month ago but hey trust me, I still freshly remember about their food taste! I am not 'nyanyuk' yet kayyyyyy~

It was totally a random trip after class as we are totally bored of campus' food, although yeah Taylor's Lakeside Campus might seem to have lotsa choices, but for us that have already been there for 3 years, that saying doesn't work! Dilemma for choices of lunch in campus has became a part of our daily schedule so we would sure run out IF WE CAN AFFORD TO PAY ANOTHER 30 MINUTES TO FIND ANOTHER PARKING SPOT AFTER WE COME BACK TO CAMPUS or we just simply ended our class earlier.

Okay straight to the meat (like literally meat):

Order of the day: Lemonade and Three Little Pigs

Sorry for the uber duper light makeup face oh come on I did not plan to go out as a blogger that day lol but the main purpose of this picture is to show that THE PORTION IS BIGGGGGGG

Three Little Pigs Burger
A burger which could not be bitten as one due to it size, that contains pork patty, bacon, ham, cheese, caramelized onion, and avocado which I added on specially *smirks* Personally, I don't really eat fatty meat unless it's deep fried till crispy and I am a really huge huge huge fan of crispy bacon; so I would really prefer it if that bacon is crispy-fied.  Other than that, its an enjoyable burger.

Side dishes: Mashed Potatoes and Garden Salad
The mashed potatoes is homemade with whole potatoes, but it seems to be abit too dry for me. No butter and very lightly salted >.< So I guess it will be a great choice for those who prefer healthy food? About the salad, it is very fresh and nice just like how salad should be!

A great choice of drink to make you less-bloated after munching in the big,fat burger. Nice one!

Dessert: Bacon Gelato!!
Okay this is my FAVORITE PART! Who willl ever imagined the combination of bacon and gelato? Well not me at least lol. Actually this is the main goal we visited Hungry Hog hahahaha. The candied bacon bits and vanilla bean gelato goes perfectly well with the refreshing drizzling honey!! *rawrrrr* Heavenly good. Okay I'm bias to crispy bacon heeeeee

Overall, my experience at Hungry Hog is pleasurable and exciting (because of the Bacon Gelato), and I will surely pay a visit here to try out the other items on the menu and my dearest gelato!!

Rating (out of 5):
The fouth star is for the bacon gelato *laughs*

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