Tuesday, 15 October 2013

GIVEAWAY CONTEST: Cefenere Essential Collection

Hello darlings, remember my blog post about Cefenere Skincare Product? Now I am giving away a set of Cefenere Fair Passion Series Essential Collection (worth RM238), and a set of Cefenere Acne Formulation Essential Collection (worth RM148)!

Cefenere Fair Passion Series: Essential Collection (worth RM238)
Cefenere Acne Formulation: Essential Collection (worth RM148)

How to win them home?
1. Please tell me how many days does Cefenere takes to give your skin a total makeover?
2. Please tell me how is your skin condition and what you hope Cefenere will help you to achieve.
3. Leave your email address for me to contact you :D
4. Type in: I'M THE BEST AND YOU BETTER GIVE EM TO ME (lol just joking)

*tips: read my previous post about Cefenere

T&Cs: 1. Two winners will be chosen, and one winner per essential kit.
2. Winners will be handpicked by me and Cefenere according to the answer and sequence.

Update: This giveaway is due on 20/10/2013 00:00, and result will be revealed approximately 21/10/13 via announcement on my blog here and email will be sent to the winners as well.

And here you go, my recent picture without filter, to check out my skin condition! 
Smooooooth despite my mc is coming soon lol.

(Updated on 24/10)
Announcement of Winners:
Fair Passion Series: Lim Ming See
Acne Formulation: Seow Wei Chia

Congratulations dearies! You guys have done a splendid job and successfully won home your Cefenere Essential Collections! An email will be sent to you guys soon regarding to the prize collection!

And also, for those dearies that were not picked, don't be sad! Stay tuned for my little surprise for you guys! *loves*


  1. Cefenere takes 7days to give your skin a total makeover. I wish to win Cefenere Fair Passion Series: Essential Collection. I always hope that I can be a bit fairer.I'm totally agree with what you said,"一白遮三丑", all those pretty ladies include Lizz Chloe have fair skin. I'm so envy and jealous whenever I saw people with fair skin. I've been tried many whitening skin products, almost all of my skincare products claimed to have whitening result but all of them are useless. I'm so disappointed because I saw many product review and testimonial from others saying that product is useful but after I tried it, somehow it just didn't work on my face. Recently I try a essential oil (product from beauty center, many customer saying it was useful) but it turns out made me disappointed again. Not only that it even make my skin worst due to clog pores and cause a lot of pimples. Many of my friends noticed it and keep asking whether I'm too stress recently. I'm so sad whenever I saw my face that time, it took me 1 months for the pimple to disappear. After that incident I'm feel like want to give up my whitening mission. However my hope relight again after seeing Lizz Chloe introducing Cefenere. I am attracted to Cefenere. I really hope that Cefenere can help me by making my skin fairer. I want to have fair skin!! I hope I'm lucky enough to win this product. Finally here is my email, mingseelim@gmail.com please contact me if I win this product. Thank for your kindness and Cefenere for having this contest.
    (PS: My english is not as good as yours, and it is a bit long, thanks for your patient ya^^)

    1. Hi Ming See, thanks for your comment! Its really comprehensive and your english is totally fine okayyyyy :D The winner will be informed approximately around 21/10

      ps: I'm not that fair as well haha

  2. 1. Cefenere takes ONLY 7 days to do the magic on your face! A total makeover!

    2. I wish I wish to win Cefenere Fair Passion Series: Essential Collection! I've actually tried their sample, it works quite good but unfortunately I look very pale due to skin dryness =( And plus my skin condition that time is full with pimples! T.T I understand that my skin condition (pimple problem) is not suitable to use the essential oil, so now I've purchased the Cefenere Acne Formulation: Essential Collection from them! ^^ I believe my pimples condition will go away very soon~ So I wish that I can win this Cefenere Fair Passion Series, and use it after my acne problem is overcome! Then, i can have taufu skin! *dreaming
    Thank you Chloe and Cefenere for holding this give away! I may not win this but girls out there, if you are reading this comment, you wont want to miss out this product! =D

    3. My email: angie_lim1115@hotmail.com


    1. Hi Angie, thanks for your respond! Great to hear that you've tried their product as well! The winner will be informed approximately around 21/10, stay tuned! :D

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  4. 1. Please tell me how many days does Cefenere takes to give your skin a total makeover?
    Ans: Cefenere takes only 7 days to give skin a total makeover, and it really did! Why I so sure, because I experience them myself and I blog about it too! ^^
    Link: http://abigaila1981.blogspot.com/2013/10/cefenere-acne-formulation.html

    2. Please tell me how your skin condition is and what you hope Cefenere will help you to achieve.
    Ans: I have combination skin + acne prone skin + sensitive skin altogether; redness can easily appear on my skin if I use products which do not suit my skin or even I squeeze my skin softly. This condition does annoy me a lot because I am totally lost and don’t know where should I start to treat this kind of skin condition. Personally, I choose to cure my acne problem first rather than having a fair skin but full of acnes, because for me, sometimes this society might be a lil’ too realistic, if your face is full of pimples/acne, people will start judging you saying that you can’t even handle your own hygiene and they will start to doubt whether or not you can handle other stuff, but they don’t understand that all these can caused by gene or maybe inherited from parents. Being fair of course is another plus point if I able to cure my acne skin, because I don’t think people judge often based on skin tone but definitely acne prone skin. So I just hope that I can do my part and try to focus and take good care of my skin problem first. Since I realize that Cefenere Acne Formulation able to suit my skin as I had already mentioned in my blog and able to achieve the flawless skin that I hoping for, so I really do hope that I can win this range of products from you, Chloe and Cefenere admin. Really appreciate this giveaway and finger crossed that I will be one of the lucky pink peep. =’)

    3. Email
    Ans: abigaila1981@gmail.com

    4. I'M THE BEST AND YOU BETTER GIVE EM TO ME (lol I am just joking too) Everyone is good so no matter how result goes, I still will accept them with an open heart! =)

    5. Thank You Very Much!

    1. Hi Abigail, thanks for the comment! Its great to hear that you really work hard to take care of your skin! I am not an expert on acne skin but I'm pretty sure Cefenere knows very well! All the best! The winner will be informed approximately around 21/10, stay tuned!


    2. Alright! Thanks a lot! ^^

    3. =( I have not receive any surprise yet so far...

    4. Hi Abigail, sorry ya I'm really busy recently. Your surprise should be arriving next week!

  5. Cefenere takes only 7 days to give our skin a total makeover!

    I wish I could win Cefenere Acne Formulation: Essential Collection. I have a pimply and sensitive skin since I was in secondary school. I have tried quite a number of skincare products, but none of it able to improve my skin conditions. I have oily face, especially after taking meals and when I get kind of sweat or hot. Oily skins are more prone to pimples, blackheads and acne. Oily skin not only unappealing but it causes me to have low self-esteem too. My face will turn red and have blemishes when I use whitening creams and sunscreen products. This redness will persist for days even after I removed these products from my face. I guess all these products are not suitable for people with sensitive skin. All these annoy me so much that I was once felt so depressed about it. Physical appearance is so essential nowadays and it gives people first impressions.
    I am trying so hard to improve my skin, always wishing my skin could get fairer and smoother. I would really want to try Cefenere anti-acne products since ingredients of Cefenere are mostly garnered from natural plants which are safe and effective to be used by everyone even those with sensitive skin. I truly hope Cefenere can solve my problematic skin conditions. Having a youthful, radiance and flawless skin will definitely boosts my confidence!

    My email address is chiaseowwei@gmail.com

    Last but not least, I hope I stand a chance to win Cefenere Acne Formulation: Essential Collection. Thank you so much Chloe and Cefenere for holding this giveaway contest. Appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. :D

  6. OMG, I couldn't believe I really have won it. A great surprise for me! Thank you so much Lizz Chloe and Cefenere for having this contest and of course choosing me as one of the winner! I will inform you once I get the product. Once again, thanksss <3 :DD

    1. Hey, I have received Cefenere Acne Formulation safe and sound yesterday.I wanted to attach a picture here, but I dunno how to put a picture in comment. So, yea, will try it soon.:)

    2. Hi Seow Wei, thanks for informing me :D Hope that you enjoy your presents! <3

  7. I received the Cefenere Fair Passion Formulation too yesterday too! There are 2 glass jar and a bottle of serum inside, can't wait to use it and experience the miracle <3 Thx a lot yeaaaa!!

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