Thursday, 24 October 2013

Stay professional

Hello dearies! I've been feeling sick since last Friday and now still in the process of recovering :) So please do understand if you saw me around with a blur face or I did not talk much cause I am pretty dazed recently by the sickness and also the tiredness of assignments. (I just submitted 3 assignments in a row this week so yeah)

Participated in a fashion make-up show last weekend by Sub- International Make Up Academy at Times Square. Thanks for those who recognized me despite my face was totally covered up by all the colours lol I am really surprised and happy to know that there are still people out there who knows about me! *sobs*

Love the makeup by Mary its soooooo colourful! The colours matches each other so well and the makeup doesn't look smudgy at all! Feels like a peacock that day haha! And oh, the glitters on my face, its actually sugar O.O

Outfit handmade by Mary! Well I am not a handcraft person so I have no idea how good is this dress in professional's eye, but for me its kinda wonder that she made this from scratch! Hmm I would say if anything to be improved, maybe the candies can be changed into some other cuter ones?

I was really exhausted that day. Already not feeling well on the night before, rushed assignment in the hotel until 2am, and having period in the middle of night which caused me need to walk out from the hotel to 7-11 at 4am. Woke up at 6am again, started to make up and get prepared. Couldn't eat or drink anything since then as I can't smudge my makeup and my bag is kept with someone at somewhere else which I have no idea how to get to my bag. Plus, there is no place for models to sit so we have to stand for 3 hours on our high heels, with all the big head accessories and dress that is not that light, together with the heavy makeup which tires our eyes till the max. Considered myself as the lucky ones as there were even some models who fainted! *scared*

But then, I had serious period cramp that day cause I did not ate anything except a small slice of cheese cake at 7am. It went so serious till the extend where I was cold sweating and can't even stand straight at the backstage and have to squad down and curl up my body. My makeup artist was not at my side as she was busy as well. The only thing that I could do was praying hard that I would not faint on the stage. I have to finish the show as it is my responsibility as a professional model.  And thank god, I really did it. For those who think models are just people who does easy job by simply walking on stage, you can try it out :) 

Shakey video by my sis but thanks so much for buying me pain killer after that :)
(I have no idea why the video quality turns out so badly after been uploaded >.< Check out my instagram for the better quality version!)

Felt relieved that I did not screwed up the show. Although it was a really tiring day for me, but I have received a lot of positive energy from those who recognized me and supported me especially the bunch of high school students! Once again, really really thanks for that! You guys are the reason for me to be a better person!

Oh, guess who I met that day as well!
Our famous photographer Baddogz Jin! He is so cute in person :3 
And the dolly like Mier omg she is so kawaii!

PS:  I STILL DO LOVE MODELING. Just telling you guys about this challenge that I faced. *cheers*


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