Friday, 15 November 2013

World's largest toystore, Hamleys is coming to Malaysia!!!

Although I have long grown from a child, but seriously I am super hyped up about the opening of Hamleys toystore in Malaysia! Well I have never been to any other Hamleys store yet, but from what I heard from my friends that went to their branches in overseas, its super awesome!

Hamleys store in Regent Street

A little background stories about Hamleys : They are one of the best known toy retailers in the world, and their head store in Regent Street is the BIGGEST TOY STORE in the world! Oh and they are celebrating 253th birthday this year!

Got invited to have an afternoon tea session with the CEO of the local partner with Hamleys, GRV Toy Store on Tuesday. (Errr did not get to take a picture with the CEO but their mascot bear. See my evil smile and the innocent bear face HAHAHAHAHA and oh the CEO is the guy behind me heeeeeeeee)

My biggest question about Hamleys will be "What differentiate Hamleys with the other toy stores?" And guess what, they gave me the best answer ever! In Hamleys store, you can feel, touch and actually play with the toys! (Well thats pretty impressive cause that means they need to bear with the spoiled toys lol) Hamleys aims to "provide a magical experience" to every single customer that walked in to their store. There will also be product demonstration stands placed in the store, teaching you about how to really play with the toys!

Cute fluffy bear that is given to the media during the tea session

Who's cuter? Okay, its the bear lol

I wanted to write more about Hamleys but I seriously do think that the best way to understand is to experience it yourself. So do pay a visit to them on the Grand Launch of their first store in South East Asia on 30th November 2013! Its gonna be a 10,000 square feet store so be prepared for a journey to the world of toys!

Or, if you are too lazy to move your ass, stay tuned for my post after attending their media sneak preview! Then you will have enough motivation to get out from your house and rush into their store lol.

Laguna Baby Top from H&M
Suspender Skirt from WOahApparel
Bag from Guess
*Changed to this pair of creepers after the tea session cause its more comfy hahaha


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