Saturday, 21 December 2013

Bunny Hijabster Wannabe

Disclaimer: I understand that this post might get some negative responds, but this is just an opinion piece of mine, and I believe that everyone have their freedom of speech. Also, you have your freedom to make a choice to read or not :)

Recently my FB home feed is flooded with a Chinese Girl wearing hijab, either with captions in BM, or captions that tells us how suffering she is as a model, how much hate she gained from her fans and how grateful she is for gaining real fans that support her through all these obstacles and conflicts (which are dominantly Muslims).

This girl that created hype on Facebook and successfully got herself featured on The Star and Berita Harian, and so-called inspired lots of Muslims in Malaysia to wear their hijab, is our country's first Playboy Bunny, Felixia Yeap.

Picture credits to Felixia Yeap's FB page

Of course, lots of comments and likes flooded into her fan page after she tells the world how much is she scarred from modelling and how much she loves muslimah fashion. (I love baju kebaya as well, but I do not show off, and I do not hard-sell it on my fb though) Comments that support and convince her to convert into Muslim, and comment that thinks she is using all these as a tactic to promote herself are all over her wall.

She claims that baju kurung and hijab makes her feel protected as they cover up her body, I personally find it unconvincing.

Quote from Felixia Yeap's blog post: 

You have a thousand of other ways to dress up while covering yourself other than hijab:

All these, perfectly serves the purpose to cover up while looking fashionable, and does not contradict with her previous actions.

Alright lets say she love Baju Kurung's because its loose and comfortable to wear. But why hijab?

Sources from Wikipedia:

Errrm, is she a Muslim yet? She argues that she is on her way understanding Islam, but to me, it seems like she is trying to gain likes from the Malays population:

Errrm I am pretty sure she does not originate from Arab and obviously she is not trying to understand Jesus nor Judaism.

Come on, be honest, how often do a Chinese read Malay Magazine? (I don't think my Malay friends normally read Chinese Magazine lol)

Ahem..not judging..Well, he is handsome but I don't specifically 'like' him.. Do you?

There's no rules that you have to start speaking and typing in BM and even you are converting into Muslim. Yes, again, there is always a defend saying that it is just her preference to speak BM and this is 1Malaysia blah blah blah. Or, its just her way tapping into the Malay market?

Also, the logic of her want to be respected and know for who she is inside by covering herself up does not totally convince me:

From her blog:

Its your BRAIN that matters, not the hijab. I don't think that we will be like: "Woah, that woman cover up herself, she must be damn smart." A woman can always still wear sexy outfit, or just normal pretty outfit, and show her intelligence to the crowd by the way she talk and behave. There is absolutely no problem with showing flesh while proving your smartness. I would even say that the combination of wise and sexiness is a great plus point for women.

GOOGLE them up if you don't know them =.=

Zhang Ziyi, symbolic Chinese artist

Lin Chi Ling, 'First Face of Taiwan'

Actually, Felixia is a smart and sexy woman too. Too smart to understand the best way to promote herself. Both in good or bad ways. She understands how much attention she will gain from doing some outstanding acts that normal people would not. We can trace back to all her YouTube videos that created some 'hype' not long days ago.

Can't find her original video, seems like she deleted it *hmm* But its so famous until that Joseph Germani did an reaction video on that.

Some other videos on her channel to understand her way to attract traffic:

This time, the obvious benefit is she gained LOADS of muslim supporters, and successfully got featured on various newspaper,(and got me to blog about it lol). She stepped into a place where no Chinese model ever dare to step in, and got herself the full coverage and publicity.

I am very sure that she formed a perfect defense for every sorts of question that she might be facing: "Still in the middle of seeking her path, wearing hijab is not a religious thing (which wikipedia say it is), modelling career forced her to not be herself, she want people to see her inner side..." From posts that defense herself, to posts that telling everyone how suffering she is, and posts that shoo people that doesn't understand her from her page. Even this post of mine, might get shot back with some vague reasons that is so 官腔, and obviously she have better english to elaborate her reasons to make mine seems unreasonable, but I believe that there are some people out there who will understand my points, and even have the same thought as mine.

Last but not least, I am not against to any form of religion. My concern on this whole scenario is whether she is really trying to transform into a Muslim woman who will never reveal her hair to public again, or this is just a way of her to tap into Malay market. I will give her my full blessings and support if she is really on her path seeking for a better self, which I 'hope' that is what's really happening.

*All pictures credits to Google, Felixia Yeap's FB Page and her blog


  1. aw nobody comment on this hot topic?
    yea i pretty much agreed with what you wrote.
    I think she just want publicity.
    n i notice she still try to explain this n that on her blog.
    You cant be peace if you care so much about what other say about you. Especially those she didnt even know.
    I think it is a mentality sickness to post everything on FB. It is your personal life why post so many crap on social media, if you do people are free to comment people you ask for it.
    Gosh and why she wanan do modeling? Good pay? no money? she using branded bag, she is selling her sex for luxury not for her basic need. No respect for her and it is too late to change now.

    1. Working as a model is her passion and there's nothing wrong about that, and posting about her personal life is quite normal on fb but yeah, her actions are attention catching, and I find it intentional. :) thanks for commenting wen siang!

  2. hi lizz chloe. haha. sorry. this is my first time doing this (replying to a "blogger" or whatever you call it). please maintain your calmness and dont jump to conclusions when you're reading this. be patient and think wisely before you say anything. of course after reading this you might think that im supporting Felixia. well.. you're not wrong to think that. i guess i do support what she's doing.
    first of all, i dont quite understand what you're implying here. no offense but it seems to me that you want people to believe that she's doing this (covering herself by wearing hijab) only to gain support and popularity among malays. but please ask yourself first, who are we to know what her real intentions are? we are not mind readers or heart readers or even have any superpower abilities in that matter. we are simply normal human beings. whether she's (Felixia) doing it for fame, publicity, popularity, etc or she's doing it sincerely, it is her right to do so. if she's really doing it for those reasons you stated then she'll have to deal with the consequences. if she's not, then it's a good thing right? :)
    secondly, Felixia is a chinese and a non-muslim to begin with. but one of the positive effect that could be done from her drastic change that im able to see is a good relationship between chinese and malay can be planted in each individuals. be honest. you sometime feel uncomfortable with malay. i know i do. but that does not mean im racist or anything. i simply feel uncomfortable with chinese coz of the difference between our lifestyle. oh. and i am malay. sorry i didnt mention it earlier. i dont hate chinese. in fact, i like them. as a representative to other malays and muslims who couldnt speak up, because we are different in religion we live differently. i dont think i have to explain. im sure you know why. and im hoping to see that we get along well and unite soon (for those who dont get along).
    we may come from different places, born of different races, and faith of different religions but we are Malaysian. we live here. so lets try our best to push our differences aside and be united to improve Malaysia together and live comfortably amongst ourselves.
    Again. no offense. im not pointing out anything. i just agree in some parts of Felixia's change. i sincerely apologize if i have said something that makes you feel offended. it's never my intention to do so.

    p/s: i never knew doing this (reply to a blogger) would be so much fun! haha ;p

    1. Hi, thanks for giving your first time comment to me! :D

      I am quite calm while writing this opinion piece and I did not simply jump into my conclusion. Firstly, I hope that you can read my piece clearly again and try to understand my whole post. You are right that I can't read her mind but that's the purpose of me to attach so many evidences in my post. Its her style to do actions that creates conflict so it totally make sense that she is trying to do it once again this time, by bringing her old style to another bigger level, after selling her body and criticizing men in her video. It IS her right to do anything and it is my right to say anything about it.

      Oh, I am really happy to see a malay reader's comment here! I DO NOT hate malays (I even have quite a number of Malay close friends who agreed on my points here) and the only time I will feel uncomfortable is when I got tackled by some malay youngsters in public, which is totally not a racist problem but a social problem so I do not blame it on the race. But, I would say Felixia's action doesn't contribute on uniting the country other than gaining more Malay fans, which just serves her purpose on gaining more fans.

      And, of course I am trying to convince people to believe on my points, which is the basic purpose and criteria of an article, or else why would I spend so much time to write and edit it? :) But my readers definitely have the choice to whether being convinced or not.

      I am happy to see that you had fun commenting so go on, do more in your future hahaha!

    2. Here's a thought..."we to know what her real intentions are? we are not mind readers or heart readers or even have any superpower abilities in that matter. we are simply normal human beings. whether she's (Felixia) doing it for fame, publicity, popularity, etc or she's doing it sincerely, it is her right to do so"
      Would you still feel the same if tables were turned at it was a Muslim girl trying to understand another religion? Because as you say.. It's her human right to do so.
      This is where in Malaysia, there is a terrible imbalance.

      No hate, just a thought.

  3. Hi , im a muslim girl , n honesty I loathe her , the way she kept posting selfie tryn to look cute with caption like ini indah , puteri felixia , urghhh this is what I call as mintak puji ,
    N all those horny malay male who have fetish towards pretty hijabistas will keep on being flirty in the name of religion . I mean do they compliment normal looking hijabistas malay girl ? Nope they either say stuff "only wear to look pretty n camwhore , but since felixia is a hot model who flaunt her boobs in her cover photo at the same time talk about how much she love hijab , read religious book .. all is forgiven . It sickens me to death with all this kind of hype . As if felixia tryn to make her root n religion look bad , no one tell her to go clubbing n drink or wear bikini n stuff .

    1. Hi, I am so happy that another muslim girl agrees to me!

      True, she makes it sounds like those who do not cover up are all clubbers and drinkers who do not know how to hold their own value. Even my young sister also said: "Why do she keep on telling people that she is covering up and ask her fans that whether she look pretty or not? It's like so intentionally reminding people and asking for attention."

    2. Assalamualaikum muslim girl. Please be patient, clear your mind and remember what Islam has taught us. Please let me remind you. Islam taught us to don't gossip about other people, to be patient and sangka baik! ;)

    3. muslim girl


      excuse me , i was born muslim but my root is chinese , bcuz my mother converted to muslim . but non of my non muslim family members dress half nude and do all the wild stuff . let alone having guys to violate them for sexual purposes . yet , FY keep telling how she is suffering in the past bcuz her culture make her to live that way while she can always have her own choice to be a model and live a healthy life at the same time .

      culture , religion , race does not make a person a bad person but their choice is . its her choice of how she want to live in the past present n future but just with all this nonsense . if she wanted to convert , she would have done it without telling the whole wold bout her sappy story n keep reminding everyone that she is the first n only playboy bunny malaysia . n still not converting .

      meanwhile nobody care about Aliza Kim , another chinese who converted to Islam without having pple like u , or thousands of malay to sugarcoat her with sweet words everyday . n she is an international model as well but less provocative .

      i am not "dengki" or anytg but it sicks to see pple manipulate hijab for attention . mybe all of u malays think that that piece of clothes wrapped in sumbody hair wud make much different , therefore allow evryone to taunt n insult those who r freehair but truth to be told is , human are more than what they wear . its how they choose to live their life sincerely that makes the difference , or else we can always be deceived if we keep simply judging pple by appearance .

    4. This is exactly what i think. If you really want to convert, then convertlah! no need to go on posting selfies of you wearing baju kurung and hijabs promoting to the world that you find peace and strength on how you dress now. So what? there are so many converts out there and they don't need to go posting about it. By the way, you can still be empowered and in control even if you are not wearing baju kurung and hijab. Have you ever heard of dressing decently and modestly? We do have polite and decent clothes. We don't go to churches and temples wearing bikinis ok. I just think it is all for attention and she is loving it. If you are really sincere, stop promoting yourself and just convert and live your life in a humble way. No need to be in the spotlight.

  4. Good God, I thought I was the only one who noticed this about her just seeking attention from wearing hijab and shit..I followed her fb model page even before she got 'famous' wearing hijab, she posted a lot of sexual pictures with her papaya hanging out in every pictures along with the annoying status bout her job and I quickly unfollowed her, I met her in some night clubs in KL a lot, I cannot say she hate Its really suspicious bout her 'INSAF' and all with hijab and kurung, I dont think she is, i think shes trying to attract Dato' or Tan Sri..hell look at Aliza Kim did she even selfies with hijab before converted?..she converted to Muslim right away so if Felixia read this comment, good luck marrying Dato' with fat pocket of money and driving Bentley 24/7

  5. I dont think seeking attention is her main purpose. even though she's model, part of herself is still normal human being. For me she's just seek for a support and encouragement from others to help her gain confident to do what she is doing now. Every people have a different attitude, mind and way of life. we cant compare another person with the other one just because they are similar with race or religion.Give her a time and space.

  6. I believe felixia will learn a lot about islam and soon you will she will no more showing off as you can see now.
    Become a muallaf in malaysia is to tough as you have to face harsh word/insult by muslim and non muslim.
    Chinese always chinese and nothing wrong with believe in one God and believe Muhammad is Prophet.

    1. Once again, I need to be clear that I have absolutely no problem if her real intention is to purely understand and memeluk islam ONLY to seek her inner peace. However, this article is an analysis about her attention seeking actions which still, she is doing it until now.

    2. Exactly... she is a model by profession. its natural for a model to seek attention... otherwise, a model without attention is not a model.

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  8. I see comments here from muslims themselves saying that shes wearing the hijab just to seek attention and 'if u want to convert convertlah' u guys have to understand that change doesnt happen rapidly..ive read one of her books..she tells tge story of her journey to was a short and very casual book but tge contents kind of summarised the whole of her story(i mean who would want to read a long biography, i dont unless im really interested) she tells in her book that she started liking loose clothes as it doesnt show her curves or anything..just the basic curves can turn some of the perverts out here its not just about covering it with fabrix but its how u cover it..i mean u can wear long sleeved shirt and pants yet u can still see the curves..peoplw have wild immaginations these not gonna rave on for long or else it will turn into a book but the main idea is change is a process..for some it takes time others not so much..and the way they change are never please do not compare her with felixia yeap whom now is a muslim(better than i am actually) and aliza kim..two different journeys ttwo different souls..hope this helps people understand a bit more..thank you☺

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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