Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Grand Launching of Porcelene Jazz, Empire Damansara

It has been REALLY LONG TIME since I last updated *sobs* I'm now in the middle of final examinations midst so please do understand me T.T

Anyways, I manage to get myself out of busy last week and enjoyed a chilled night at the Grand Launching of Porcelene Jazz, at Empire Damansara. (NOTE: not the Subang Empire Gallery, I went there wrongly at first ==)

Porcelene Jazz is the first Acid Jazz Bar& Restaurant in Malaysia, that serves Europe Asian fusion cuisine and also a wide range of wines! Oh of course, with high quality jazz music.

Can't manage to take nice picture of the speech session by the CEO of Porcelene Jazz, and the buffet section was half gone by the time we reach. Thanks to my super blur brain that thought the venue is Subang Empire Gallery *sigh* But still, there are plenty enough food for us to enjoy and they definitely taste awesome.

Dearie's plate of prey:
Pizza Number Ten, Hahm Yoke Than Sotong, Signature Aglio Olio Di Nero, Cajun Cutlets, Roman Salmon Roast.

My Plate: 
My all-time-favourite Cherrie Tomatoes, Premium Beef Strip Asparagus, Roman Salmon Roast and NYC Short Ribs.

My favourite dish of the night is the Premium Beef Strip Asparagus, which I totally would like to eat it with wine or beer or soju lol. The asparagus toned down the salty beef strip while keeping the fragrance of the beef. AWESOME.

Porcelene Jazz is divided into 3 floors, where the ground floor is the dining session, the second floor is more suitable for friends gathering and chit-chatting sessions, and the third floor is where you can sit by the bar and enjoy the live band's performance.

Second floor- Love the relaxing atmosphere there :3

Candid shot by dearie during my selfie session (HAHAHAHA for my finger *so alien*)

Third floor's bar

The live jazz performance. FYI, there will be live performance by difference bands for almost every night! Do checkout their FB for details!

With Audrey and the alcohols that she won lol 
(SERIOUSLY SHE WON BOTH from the luckydraw session!)

White laced dress from KissAndTell
GUESS Keron Patent Satchel
Purple Ankle Strapped Heels by WOahApparel
(And new hairdo from number76, mont kiara branch by Hikki-san)

If you are looking for a place that serves great food and music, do tryout Porcelene Jazz! I will definitely want to spend some nights there after my final examinations muahahahaha.

Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana.
Open from Tues-Sun, 12pm to 12am

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