Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Me running in heaven called Hamleys Malaysia!

Yello peepo! Have you read my previous post about the news of Hamleys' opening in Malaysia?
Yeap, the 1st Hamleys Outlet in South East Asia is now waiting for you in One Utama!
(For those who have no idea what Hamleys is, read my previous post pweaseee)

I am so happy to be invited as one of the media to witness the grand launch.

The media launch party was so crowded when we reached so I escaped to the London Bus expo downstairs teeeheeeee

Yello London Bus, glad to meet you before I have to chance to fly to London!

Did a mini photoshoot in the London Bus:
All pictures credit to my bestie: Ivene the best woman ever lol

Used shit loads of filters to create the illusion that I'm really in London #dreamonlah

Btw its really hot in there~ Why they no turn on the air-conditioner T.T

Apparently this London bus is having her world tour, and Hamleys successfully make it decided to stop here at One Utama as they are both from London!

After having all the fun we can in the London Bus, (and all the stares and photo request from tourists lol), we headed back to the Hamleys' media launch. And guess what I decided to do?

Turn myself into 7years old! Asked for a candy floss from the guy and got a weird stare, again.
(Eh come on adult can have the love towards candy floss kay)

Grabbed a mini popcorn cup too while waiting for my candy floss. *heeee*


But I hardly have time to finish off my candy floss because the launching program started like 1 minute after I finally got my candy floss.

Hamleys and Hattie's greeting session, and oh oh, spot the man beside them? He is the guy on Hamleys' logo! 

After a few speeches by the 'big bosses' of Hamleys, and what I call 'the ribbon chopping session', we rushed into the newly opened store in extremely excited mood.

Got so lost about which way to go first, everywhere looks so tempting!
Glad they made a direction board to make it easier for people to search for a particular item, but I am pretty sure most of us will enjoy ourselves in any corners of the store!

Hamleys covers a wide range of toys to fulfil everyone's need for a freetime partner 

Super duper lots of plush toys until I cannot afford to take all of their pictures

"Hey, I think she is taking our picture!"
"Should we charge her for that? How about 2 baskets of bamboos?"

Didn't expect to see the LINE icons here!

Furby is here too!

The must have item for every girl: Barbie!!

Okay my bad I accidentally let the crocodile blocked the train's way

Super duper impressed by this art piece! Its drawn by using Hamleys' Rainbow Painter!

You get to try the toys here! As long as you want!

Bing Bang Boom!

Another toy that I really want to bring home

Hello Kitty fans' wonderland!

Ivene is so amazed by this kids' rocket model. Why we no get that in our childhood!!

Got air-blasted by him! He really sound like a cartoon character when he talks lol

Laughed like an idiot because he secretly tickle me from behind! I guess that's what Hamley's spirit is, to bring happiness to everyone that step into their store!

Say hi to my new schoolbag

She need more hugs. Where is her bf Ah Poh!?

Play some monopoly here!

They have candy bar here too! Seriously kids' heaven OMG
(And mine too)

Rainbow popcorn!!

Popcorn with candies anyone?

Bought this to try and its really tasty! Not too cheesy but cheesy enough, I hope you understand what I'm saying *smirks*

Hattie's turn after Hamleys got bullied by me earlier in the media interview session
(Read my previous post about Hamleys to see the picture!)

Thanks for reading through this post and looking through all the pictures! Probably the post with the most picture I ever blogged hahahaha!

Pay them a visit if you miss your childhood! 

  • Hamleys One Utama:
  • Lot F319, 1st Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Mall


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