Monday, 30 December 2013

My Crazy Christmas Eve

Hello squirrels! How was your Christmas? I hope that it was a great one! Had a crazy Christmas Eve so my energy level is pretty low for whole day, and I ended up spent my Christmas by doing some minor chores and nap nap nap and nap.

How crazy it was? My original plan for Christmas eve was actually meeting up with Hikky-san to do some magic on my hair in the afternoon, and Japanese buffet with friends and dearie as Christmas Eve dinner. In the end, none of it happen and I got myself a "great pressie".

Seriously speechless T.T Got knocked by another MyVi before I even manage to go onto highway. Was queuing up to go up a ramp and suddenly, "BANG", and I was like "f.this.shit." 

The lucky thing about this whole incident will be at least the driver that knocked my car is not some road- gangster who tries to act fierce and try to call their friends here to punch me up (and I did not do anything wrong). The aunty was quite shocked herself as well and she offered to pay me back on the spot as settlement. She offered to pay me RM200 but luckily I did not agreed on the spot or I might get killed by my father now lol. I called my parents straight and tell them about the accident, and dad called his friend to ask about the service fees before he rushed to the spot. Apparently its gonna cost more than 1000 bucks to fix my car (to replace the bumper and backcover etc..). OMFG. 

The lady request us to wait for her husband who is coming back from oversea that night to make the decision for whether we should go to make a police report and claim from her insurance. We agreed as we do not want to be too harsh and force her to pay us that big amount straight while her car also injured quite badly.

(Latest update: She and her husband paid us back 1000 bucks on the next day after some minor arguing with my father because they do not want to pay us the full amount needed to replace the backcover. My father does not want to repair the original backcover because he says that my car's 2nd hand value will drop drastically with a knocked backcover. So we agreed to take their payment and prepare to top-up whatever amount needed later after servicing.And my car is not sent to servicing up till now as recently are holidays and most likely my car will be fixed only after new year, so we might as well keep the car for some minor travelling to the hawker centre outside my house and chores before that.)

 After the accident, I was too paranoid to drive around and decided to stay at my parents' shop before dearie come to pick me up. Of course, my hair appointment with Hikky-San is totally ruined. Grrrrrrrrr darn pissed about that.

Orginally, the dinner plan of the day should be buffet session at Tao Cuisine, but we cancelled it last minute as dearie's friend said that they went there a few times before and it was not that great. So we decided to bravely drive into city centre to feel the festive mood, grab some random dinner there and quickly rush off before the super duper crazy countdown.

We reached city centre at around 5pm and surprisingly, we didnt experience any traffic jam on our way and we found a parking spot right away. Finally some luck is coming back on me huh? *laughs* But dearie says it was all because of his awesome luck. No joke, his luck is always amazing when it comes to parking.

My relieved smile when it finally feels like Christmas eve to me. 

Crazy photo session while waiting for other friends to arrive.

Did some last minute Christmas shopping too!

We decided to go The Ship to have our Christmas Eve dinner as it is the place where me and dearie celebrated our first valentines and its where my mom hangout when she is young lol so full of memories. The food there is not super duper awesome, but the environment there always gives us a warm, comfortable vibe. For me, Christmas celebration is more about gathering with friends and it doesn't matter if we did not get to have super high-class meal which we can have it on other days without need to wait for few hours to our turn.

I ordered their Christmas Special Menu Set: 
Apple and Shrimp Cocktail
lol look so friggin ugly on screen
The shrimp is fresh enough so I would really prefer it without the thousand island sauce. Hmm, never a big fan of all these sauces 

Main Course:
Charbroiled Australian Rib Eye Steak
Cinnamon Pumpkin Soup

The steak tastes pretty awesome, and I am surprised that they gives a whole big broccoli which is one of my favourite veggie. It would be really nice if they also cut the steak for me hahaha just joking I'm too lazy.

X'mas Pudding with Brandy Sauce, Minced Pie, & Mixed Nuts
Okay I forgot to take picture heeeeeeeeee. I just tasted a bit of the dessert as I am tooooooo full from the main course, and also it is really not my type of dessert. I always prefer refreshing dessert such as sorbet, milkshake, or even fruits, but not pies and nuts with rich taste as they doesn't fulfill my criteria of dessert as a mouth'washer'.

After dinner, we mingled a while again in pavillion, and we rushed out the city centre when the crowd is getting massive. Sorry la I chickened when I see the humongous crowd, you know how much crazy stories I have heard about the crazy countdown crowd and I don't want to risk my life there lol. 

Well, we still enjoyed our Christmas eve with the great drinking session at a bar near my house after that which is not crowded and super duper cheap (why on earth only now I found them)! One bucket is just 30 bucks!!

That's all about my Christmas eve and I am really glad that I didn't hurt myself from the car accident. I'm not a Christian but Amen to God for protecting me :)


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