Friday, 3 January 2014

A year for more- 2014

It's already the third day of 2014, and now only I am posting up my 2014's resolution. Which means, I had spent a decent amount of time to seriously consider and plan out what I want to achieve this year. I dont wanna be too ambitious and set something that's too big to achieve but I want myself to really breaking out from my previous bad. And also, I don't wanna end up achieving nothing on the list like previous years lol.

The Very Serious List of 2014 Resolution after Long Consideration 

1. More updates!
I have to learn on how to post more often on social media lol. Got tiok by lotsa blogger friends for making my instagram macam dead town. I only post like... once a week...? While others post like 5-6 posts per day hahaha. I am not used to take every single damn thing that I see in my life and post up on insta but I think its kinda useful so that I would remember I experienced those things before. Seriously, I kinda got more and more nyanyuk last year. Ask my classmates for testimonials.

2. Stay Healthy
Did a full body check up last week and the report says that imma die soon if I continue my current lifestyle. For the first time my cholesterol level hit so friggin high and the doctor said that if I am 30+ I have to take medicines to control omfg. But currently, what I need to do is just exercise more and eat less high cholesterol food. Actually, I don't really consume a lot of meat especially I don't like fatty meat and chicken dishes except fried chicken. The only kind of high cholesterol food that I DO take is probably seafood, which I can't live without em and don't really have a lot of chance to eat everyday. So exercise it is. Gonna continue my dance routines after half year of 'resting'!

Btw, momma made me ate only oatmeals today for lunch T.T 我媽不讓我吃飯嗚嗚嗚嗚~

3. Go on a trip
I MUST GO TAIWAN THIS YEAR. Planned numerous times for a trip there but everytime sure got something happen so I don't care I must go this year. NO ONE CAN STOP ME.

4. Do more paid job
Once someone have done some free shootings, everyone kinda expect they are gonna get free shoots too. I even got scolded when I tell some photographers when I tell them I only can take paid shoot. Of course magazine shoots I got my payment but I am referring to outdoor shoots. I do not mean that I am big shot already (which I did not consider myself as) and I need to collect money. But come on, modelling is my job and I need to earn my livings too. I have totally no problem to sometimes collaborate with photographers that I know or photographers that have interesting portfolio. I mean, both sides have to gain their part of benefits right? It's kinda pointless for me to wake up at 4am in the morning, make up and prepare for 2 hours, then probably spend another 2 hours travelling to the spot, stand under the hot sun 3 hours, getting tanned and get bitten by mosquitoes (those who worked with me will know how crazily mosquitoes are attracted to me) BUT got nothing back. No good photos, no payment. This is the how the society works right? Barter trade for each other's portfolio, or pay to get goods. And my fees is not that high lo others even charge for 200 bucks per insta post but mine is like 200-250 for one whole album (or few albums when its a group shoot!) Damn cheap okay.

5. Blast my 21st birthday!
I am still not sure about my party plan but for sure I want a great and memorable one. I did not throw any big parties for my previous 20 birthdays (other that my 1 year old party that my mom did for me?) so I want to do something different this year. Currently putting my hands on venue searching. Any suggestion for the theme? I'm thinking Ancient Greek!

That's all for now. I am really a procrastinate queen to be honest, which is a REALLY BIG PROBLEM of mine and I MUST get rid of it. So I actually sorta plotted out some actual plans to make sure my ideas gonna work but I'm not gonna reveal here heeeee come on let me keep some for myself kay?


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