Wednesday, 15 January 2014


For those who haven't understand why I always call my readers as squirrels, it is because I was previously known as 栗子(chestnut), and squirrels love to eat chestnut, and I think my readers are like the super duper adorable squirrels so I sendiri act pandai decided to name them after that. I actually thought of chipmunks too wtf hahahaha. If you guys don't like the name squirrel, please please please do suggest me your preference kay?

Okay back to main topic. I have prepared some pressie for you guys who supported me throughout the year of 2013! I can't describe how thankful I am to have you guys to continue read my blog and gives me motivation to improve myself. Actually I planned to do this on the new year eve but it is quite hard to decide about what to give as I don't want to give out things that are useless for you guys, and I can't afford to give out too pricey present too *sigh* (So if you guys want pricier present, support me more then I will be able to earn more to afford better present heeee)

Now take a look to what I have prepared for you guys!

Chestnut Box 1
Schwarzkopf Freshlight Hairdye Apricot
Etude House Pearl Extract Facial Mask
CLIO Lip Stealer Lip Gloss
Jurlique Lavender Handcream
Taiwan Imported Miss Bobo Lace Eyelid Tape (25 pcs)

Chestnut Box 2
CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Gel Liner
CLIO BB Water Cream
Etude House Lemon Facial Mask
Peripera Tinted Lip Balm
Taiwan Imported Miss Bobo Lace Eyelid Tape (25 pcs)
Baby Pink Highlight Hair Extension (Can be curled)

Chestnut Box 3
Peripera Lip Gloss Mini
Peripera Volume Mascara
Peripera Nail Polish
Etude House Pomegranate Facial Mask
Taiwan Imported Miss Bobo Lace Eyelid Tape (25 pcs)
Purple Highlight Hair Extension (Can be curled)

Sorry for the contact lens but I am too lazy to re-record lol those who wears colour cons understand me

So how? Interested boh? All these might not be crazy pricey stuff but I am pretty sure that most girls wouldn't mind to extend their collection of beauty and makeup products right? It took alot effort for me to decide on the gifts okay *flips hair*

How to participate in the giveaway:
1. Tell me which of my 3 blog posts in 2013 are your favorite and why?
2. Tell me what to you hope to read from my blog in the coming future?
3. Like this post (Press the FB like button under the post title)
4. Share it out if you want! Don't want also can la I won't force you lol

The closing date for this giveaway will be on 23/1/2014, 3 lucky squirrels will be chosen based on the best answers given! And oh, I will meet up with the winners to hand them the chestnut boxes if possible! 

At last, thousand of thanks to you who read my blog!

Well obviously not enough participants is joining this time, but nvm, I'm still closing it. My fault for not preparing a better giveaway and better promotion *sobs*

But sincerely thanks to both Mun Ying and Bambiboo! I am adding on RM100 WOah Apparel Voucher as a big thanks for supporting my this small little giveaway!


  1. The 3 posts that I love the most are Hamleys opening launch, Bunny Hijabster Wannabe and Dip n Dip review! I would really love to see more beauty tips in your blog in the future! (I love your makeup!)

    Thanks Chesnut! XP

  2. OMG I want to win away these pressies!

    My top 3 favourite posts: What girls wants, Burgerlab review, Teochew Noodles Review!
    (Yup I am a foodie ha)

  3. how insulting to call ppl squirrels!! how about i call u a bitch?

  4. Its sad if you think being called a squirrel is such a bad thing. You may call her a bitch, but its at a risk of you appearing as a douchebag, dick, and asshole at the same.


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