Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hidden Gem Founded: The 60's Teochew Fishball, Kajang

I was so hungry after my shooting event in Putrajaya, so me and dearie decided to find some food in Kajang cause Putrajaya seems quite empty for food lol.

The hidden gem that we found this time is The 60's Teochew Fishball, Kajang! It is located just right opposite SMK Convent, behind Ambank Kajang Branch. They had change their name cause if not mistaken they previously were called Tien Pin Restaurant.

Their Menu
Sorry for not having a picture of their exterior design because it was raining when we reach there *sigh*

Order of the day:

3 main course for 2 person simply because we are passionate food hunters. Ok la we hungry as hell.

Fried fish noodles with Chee Cheong Fun
Super duper interesting combination. I always sapu all the fish noodles during steamboat but I never heard of fried fish noodles nor fried Chee Cheong Fun. It tastes like fried Kuey Teow with more chewy texture and it is no doubtly good. The Chee Cheong Fun balance out the taste from the salty fish noodles.

Fish Paste Noodles
You can choose between normal Meehoon or this kind of thick Meehoon. Unlike the other places, their fish pastes are fried. The soup is not really the rich kind but its more towards the gingery type, which is a great choice to warm up your tummy especially in a rainy day.

 Mee Pok
The noodles are sprinkled with generous amount of pork lard and meat, served with a bowl of fish balls and fish pastes. It is the signature dish of the shop and I can totally understand why. I fell in love with it right after I took my first bite. The noodles look so simple but there's so much of taste in it. It is totally a perfect choice for breakfast and lunch if it is not so fattening hahahaha.

Dried Beancurd Ginko Barley
Ordered this as a mouthwasher after the noodles. This is a sincere bowl of 'Fuzhok Yimai' that I always wanted! Unlike the ordinary hawker stall ones, it is thick and the fragrant of the dried beancurd is so strong! Almost as good as my mum's version, almost.

I am so full and satisfied after this meal and I feel like a garfield muahahahaha. Oh and guess the total amount of the bill?

CHEEEAAAAPPP! Ok la not super duper cheap but with the generous amount of ingredients and the warm servicing, worth it! I can foresee myself having random crave on the Mee Pok *teehee*

The 60's Teochew Fishball
Operating Time: 0700-2300 daily
Address: Jalan Bukit, 43000, Kajang, Selangor
*tips: if you search this address on waze it won't get you to the shop straight so search Ambank Kajang branch instead :D

(eh no OOTD? nah you will see it soon from my shooting's pictures XD)


  1. i have been this shop many times, but it is lousy compared to penang food LOL


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