Thursday, 30 January 2014

How SMART are you? Escape Room @ Setiawalk Puchong

I always think that I am sure not gonna survive in critical situation*touchwood* I don't think I have the stamina and smart enough to think some surviving steps and most importantly, I might be panic till die already before something really hit me lol *touchwood again*

To further train my problem solving skill, I think Escape Room is not a bad choice and I won't die inside hahaha.

Escape Room has finally open up their new branch at Setiawalk, Puchong which is my recent favourite hang out place! No reason to not try it out since its so near me.

They provide four rooms with different theme and difficulty, which is Kungfu-The Legend of Grandmaster, Up-Bon Voyage, Dungeon of Doom, and The Secret Lab. The easiest rooms are Kungfu and Up, and the hardest room is The Secret Lab.

Wall of losers *heeee*

Wall of WINNERS! Only one team has succeeded escaped from The Secret Lab last week ORZ

Originally, we planned to try out The Secret Lab, but it was fully booked by the others by the time we reached, so we switched it to Kungfu. (so remember to pre-booked your slot with them to avoid dissapointment!) We were so confident that we gonna have ass-kicking great result since it is the easiest room.

Instruction to read before starting the game

Some sneak peek of the room:

A time limit of 45 minutes is given to every team and trust me, ITS NOT ENOUGH. You have to spin your brain really fast. Oh btw, it is highly suggest that you only try out Kungfu if only you know Mandarin. All the tips and puzzles will be in Mandarin so if you can't read, pooof, you die.

Half of our team couldn't read mandarin but still, WE MADE IT! Although we successfully escaped exactly 10 seconds before time's up, its proven that we ladies are smart enough to win even though the gentlemen just stood around! RAWR! LADIES POWER!!


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How to win them home?
1. Answer the question: How many rooms do they provide in Escape Room @ Setiawalk?
2. Like and share this post on your FB!

Friggin easy right? Remember to attach your sharing post link in your comment (or just tag me on FB lol) and set the privacy setting to public! And ohohoh, your email for me to contact you!

Winners will be chosen based on first come first serve basis. Of course, your answer have to be correct!

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Selfie of the Day *heeeee*

Okay, comment now and take away the coupons from me before I use em all!

Announcement of Result

Buy 5 Free 1 Pax Voucher + RM 5 Cash Voucher (Worth RM41)  
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Free One Game for One Person + RM15 Cash Voucher (Worth RM51)
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  1. Lizz Chloe just becoz u haave a pretty face, doesnt mean ppl think that u r smart LOL

  2. There are 4 rooms!!

    and hey, haters gonna hate lol

    1. Hi WaiKen, thanks for the comment! Yup so true hahaha~

  3. 4 rooms!!!!!!! Pick me.. pick me...

  4. Four rooms!
    Shared and liked with 101% effort!

  5. hi lizz, I use your first picture in my article Because I did not take the picture from in front and mine is not clear. ( I will credit that picture back to your link) . I'm experience with CSI room. But our group unlucky ...ehehehe but it worth it experience.

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