Friday, 24 January 2014

My first succeeded 'Emo-Themed Photoshoot'!

Did a photoshoot with Adam Tai last weekend. I am actually very impressed by his courage to try out a more moody, emo, theme with ME. Seriously, me!? The model that kinda always been associated with happy, cheerful, kiddo kind of shoot *laughs* ?

Well, he is not the first photographer that tried to do a emo themed shoot with me but he is the first one who succeeded. The others all ended up with pictures of me with pissed expression or innocent face in AV wth. Blah, I know its my fault la I can't really do sad face while looking pretty. 

But I THINK this batch of photos looked pretty decent so it means that I CAN DO THE EMO FACE NOW!

Here are some of the photos taken that day:

So how do you like the photos? (Or you hate it lol) 
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And oh,
I overhauled dear bloggie a lil bit, and I have no confident on whether you guys are gonna like it.
Tell me if you like it! (Don't tell me if you hate it! Just joking la please tell me as well kay)


  1. LOL mayb lizzie is having period so she is emo kekekekke


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