Saturday, 11 January 2014

Yes I DID it! My 3 days ukulele challenge!

Sorry for the delay my dear squirrels, the video actually was done recorded in the midnight on the 9th, and I thought that I would have the time to upload it yesterday. Unfortunately my photoshoot yesterday lasted much longer than I expected (15 hours omgggg I hope the outcome really looks good) so I was really exhausted. I SWEAR THAT I AM NOT BLUFFING.

Watch in the highest quality to protect your eyes from blurry image hahaha
 I recorded like almost 80 clips and this is the one that I think with the least errors. No joke, my fingers swelled and hurts like mad when I started to record the 30th clip grrrrr. I actually find myself perform more and more worst towards the end as I think my fingers can't take the pain anymore lol.

Anyways, I hate myself to set this challenge that hurts myself, but I TOTALLY DON'T MIND to do this again! I will practice more and do some other better and more proper cover soon! Stay tuned and don't lose hope on me nor put too much hope on me *heeeeee*

ps: Okay decided not to use iPad front camera to record anymore, the quality is so sucky!!


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