Friday, 7 February 2014

Another self-challenge! Cup Song Cover!

Yeeha! After semi-passing my ukulele challenge, I've decided to try out an easier 'instrument'- THE CUP. To be honest, I really suck in multitasking. LIKE REALLY SUCK. For example, I can't talk while replying text on my phone, I can't read when I am listening to people, I can't flirt with 2 guys at once *who cares*, and...I can't sing on beat while playing instruments/cup. So the previous ukulele challenge and this cup song challenge is actually dedicated to train my multitasking skill.

Okay, enough for blahs, present to you, Cup Song Cover, by Lizz Chloe the not good multitask-er.

Watch in 720p to treat your eyes better 


  1. hahaha, can use 2 cups or not? XD

    1. errrm can try...higher level of multitasking lol


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