Friday, 21 February 2014

Food Review: Mr Dakgalbi Bukit Bintang

This is gonna be the first time that I am so efficient to post up a blog post lol.

Been invited to the blogger event held at Mr Dakgalbi, Bukit Bintang. It is their 2nd branch in Malaysia and the 3rd branch is opening soon at Setiawalk Puchong! (The actual opening date is still not confirm yet but the renovation work is hope to finishing soon!)

It is located at Bintang Walk, opposite RHB bank.

Meet John, the CEO of Mr Dakgalbi, aka master chef of the day #MCOTD
He is super duper nice and he promised to teach me the proper way to drink soju after hearing my way to drink mango soju cocktail lol. And he's gonna brush up my Korean and of course I'm paying back with helping him with his BM *heeee*

Interior of the shop

They have a special corner for Running Man! 
(although I am not a huge fan of them but I do watch some episodes depends on the guests lol)

For the fans of Mr Giraffe, here you go *flips hair*

Selfie and chit chatting time while waiting for the event to start
Aiya lemme spam more selfies today kay it has been a long time since I posted an update with shit loads of selfie *pweasee*

OH FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! Finally arrived huh!

Le handsome and passionate CEO + Master Chef, seriously men looks most attractive when they are focusing on something lololol.

Done. Actually the concept is very alike with Uncle Jang (which I haven't get to try out yet), but I bet those who can't eat spicy food already give up when the moment they see how reddish is the dish lol. (No worries, you can actually adjust the spiciness to suit your tastebud by telling the waiters when you place your order.)

Ok before I start posting pictures of me eating, lets see what's inside the whole pile of red coloured food. 
1. Chicken 닭(Dak)
Dakgalbi (닭갈비) actually means chicken ribs in Korean, but here in Mr Dakgalbi, they uses chicken thigh instead. 
2. Rice Cake 떡(Ddok)
Yup it's the same rice cake you ate in Dokbokki, the famous korean street food fried rice cake
3. Sliced Cabbage
4. Onion
5. Sweet Potato
6. Scallions

All the ingredients are stir-fried to cooked with Gochujang(고추장), Korean chili paste. And Mr Dakgalbi's recipe of Gochujang is especially good for health as it is rich in Vitamin A, B, and C! Also it reduces skin aging and also help it weight loss (so we can eat more with good reason muahahahaha)

When I'm 80% stuffed, there goes the second round! O.O
Rice and CHEESE are poured into the pan and fried together with the remaining meat, and it turns into Pizza Rice! (I gave it that name lol)
Super duper awesome. HEAVENLY.
This is actually the part that I love the most throughout the night. *slurpss* I used to put cheese strips into my rice when I am a kid and this is the upgraded version of that hahahahaha.

The heartwarming Mr John scared we are still not full yet so Jangban Noodles (Spicy buckwheat noodles) are served to us. It's a semi-spicy cold dish, and I would say that it's more towards acquired taste la. 

Ok that's all for the food, and here comes more pictures (aka selfies) of the night!

Meet Sean, a funny guy who's also a YouTuber! Check out his channel for some quite funny videos of him lol

That's all for tonight! 
Thanks for reading and scrolling through the selfies! 

I will definitely pay more visit to Mr Dakgalbi to eat my Pizza Rice, and also to learn how to drink soju properly lololol.

Mr Dakgalbi Bukit Bintang Branch
Located at Bintang Walk, opposite RHB Bank.


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I loove spicy food!

    1. Yup its a great experience there! :D I love spicy food along with korean soju!

  2. Hi Chloe!! I want the pictures of two of us! Do you still have it? :D

    1. Hey Nicole! Yes I have it! :D
      Can I have your email? Or can you add my fb: Lizz Chloe?


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