Monday, 31 March 2014

Grab ALL You Want at Malaysia Clothes Buffet

How many of you loves to shop?

Or ahem lemme phrase it this way:
How many of you often face the problem where you always feel like lacking of that ONE piece of clothes which will suits you the best, whenever you are standing infront of your wardrobe?

Good news, now you don't just get one piece, but ANY AMOUNT of clothes at the rate of one piece! (Here I mean like the price you get in H&M/Kitschen/Forever21 la, which means normally around 69.90 per piece right)

How does this works? I think lotsa you have been to the Big Bad Wolf book sales right? It works kinda same! Just pay RM60 at the counter, and then you will get a zip-lock bag. And next up, you are walking in the buffet area, grabbing as many clothes as you want, and stuffing it into the zip-lock bag!

So this is the size of the zip-lock bag, 9x14 inches. The bag on the left has 4 pieces of dress in it, and the one on the right have 1 dress, 4 skinny belts, 1 clincher and 1 pair of stockings. FYI, the highest record was 16 pieces in a bag!

You can get any thing that you can stuff into the bag, with its zip locked. So my tips will be, don't get cloths with too thick material (the weather is so damn hot anyway), and try to roll up the clothes like a popiah! No joke, that's how I stuff my cloths into a tiny hand luggage whenever I travel, and the cloths wont turn into messy salted veggies also!

And oh, there's gonna be a Blow Out Sales too! One piece for RM10 only! So I guess after grabbing your whole zip-lock bag of clothes, the next target will be the ones sold in the blow out sale! And remember, the blow out sales only starts at 4pm until 6pm, but the Fashion Buffet starts at 10am in the morning!

Oh yes, I heard your concern. All clothes sold are BRAND NEW. No pre-loved or vintage items. 

Ok the most important part, it is gonna be held in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, at the Syopz Mall (aka the commercial block where all the restaurants are)! SO PLEASE TAYLORIANS, don't miss the chance la its right infront of our face leh!

For those who need a direction map to Taylor's Lakeside, here's a map for you! (Or you can waze la come on we are living in 21st century right lol)

I am foreseeing a huge crowd there, so I really suggest you girls to purchase your ticket in advance! Tickets can be bought from the links below:

You can also have a sneak peek of what's gonna be sold there from their FB Page!


  1. All prepared for this!!

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