Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Nuffnang is 007!!

Happy birthday Nuffnang! Officially legible to attend primary school now lol wtf.

Some of you might wonder how long I've been blogging, and here's the answer: Almost 1 year. YES I AM SERIOUS. REACHING ONE YEAR SOON. I count this since I decided to blog seriously and dedicated to the public as a real blogger, instead of just grumbling on a private blogspot web. So yeah, I am actually quite a new blogger, and I am really grateful to be able to meet so many of you guys which helped me and supported on this journey. Being featured continuously on magazines, written haircare columns for magazines, being invited to events, got collaborations and sponsorship, and meeting up with so many fantastic bloggers&YouTuber&friends&artists, I never dare to believe that these really came to be.

Dammit, of the topic liao.

Ok back to Nuffnang. So since I am quite a new blogger, I am quite a new member for Nuffnang society as well. I've chosen Nuffnang over the other companies because from what I've seen, Nuffnang has been really supporting to their bloggers and there's no hanky panky things happening according to my observation la lol. So far I am doing ok in the company la~ but I really hope that I can gain and learn more from them heh.

Ok enough for the long-winded texts, here are the pictures of the night!

Sexy Bond Wilson You and his hot Bond Girl. My partner in crime of the night.

The theme is 007: Lost in Amazon, so I mixed aztec printed top with a leather skinny pants, cause Amazon reminds me of aztec print since there should be a lot of native community there lol. Got match the theme anot actually?

The party was held in BBQ Garden, KL Life Centre which is a roof top restaurant.

Default la shot of the food table. Forgot to shoot the other decorations cause I was too lost at the beginning lol been there too early. 

Up Next: My photo SPAMSS

Yay my sexy back lol


My plate, filled with Beef with Lemongrass, Fried Long Beans, Grilled Lamb Chop, Garlic Fried Rice, Tomyam Prawns, and Sambal Sotong. My favourite dishes is the Beef, Sotong and Long Bean #seafoodandveggieperson

Yay Jessica again! Always feel damn warm whenever I see her happy smile *blushes*

I wanted to intro him as "Ernest the comic book author who can drink infinity amount of beer", but then now I think "Ernest the best seller comic author who can drink unlimited amount of beer" is better. And oh check out DanKhooProductions' latest video with me and him and Dennis Yin inside! 

And here, Raffi! Also damn funny guy and I think our video will come out soon sometime in April. 

That's pretty much that la. Most of the time I was just chit chatting and laughing the whole night. So not much of pictures liao.

Aztec Print Top from Forever 21
Leather Skinny Pants from H&M
Necklace from Forever 21
Boots from (erm I forgot liao)

Thanks for reading and I LOVE YOU GUYS so much! (Suddenly feeling very emotional while thinking back my blogging journey *sobs*) Please read my blog more often then I can get more collaborations and invitations, then you guys can have more interesting content lol ~


  1. Babe you are so cute!!

  2. wow!nice picture ya :) ohya! I also been there too~ ahhahahahah~ohya mind visit my blog back at www.marcsjy.com ~^^
    thanks ya~have a nice day too ~

  3. Aw Babe! <3 I just saw this post :) *blush*


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