Friday, 21 March 2014

Remove make up and cleansing in 1 step! Skin 79 BB Cleanser

Being a female is super duper complicated. The process to makeup is complicated, so do removing makeup. The task of removing makeup seems to be a hectic job when we are all tired and exhausted after a long day. (especially the drunk nights after shooting) So I have always been looking for something that can make my life simpler, well I mean at least shorten my time and energy needed to release my face from the makeup products applied since the morning la.

And I was introduce to this BB Cleanser by SKIN 79. Lots of you might heard of their brand mostly because of their popular BB Cream product (earlier before all the other brands come out with their own BB Cream), but hey now they had come out with BB Cleanser instead! To be honest, I actually don't like BB cream, in fact I applied BB cream for not more than 5 times. Reason? I always will get oil particles or worst, pimples after I used BB cream. Not to being cocky la but my face never have pimples problem so if there's a pimple coming out means I am kinda in a big trouble liao.

BB Cream (and CC Cream) are easy to be applied, but they are rather hard to be washed away, so that's why skin problems might occur if you did not clean your face with proper product and procedure.

Another thing about this BB Cleanser is it bubbles automatically! See these:
This is how it looks like when its pumped out from the bottle.

*After 10 seconds*
The oxygen bubbles have been formed automatically!!

So this is how it works!
1. Squeeze appropriate amount on your hand ( I uses 5 pumps)
2. Quickly apply it on your face before the bubbles are formed, and wait for the oxygen bubbles to react. 

3. Massage your face softly for 20 secs, and rinse with WARM water. Warm water is preferred to be used as it helps to opens up your pores so that the dirts can come out easily. 

Clean and Clear.
(I haven't remove my eye makeup la this is just for face lol)
Naked face post saved for next time heh

The BB Cleaner contains pomegranate, fig and Maakia Fauriel Stem Extract which have BRIGHTENING EFFECT, along with the Chia Seed extract and Oatmeal extract (wtf can eat kah) that provides moisture to our skin. So basically besides removing makeup and cleansing the dirts, it actually brightens up our skintone and keep our skin free from dryness! #totallyconvinced

So if you are looking for a better makeup remover/cleanser, or you are as lazy as me, do give this a try!

*Disclaimer: This post is written based on my experience with the product. Everyone have different skin condition so the effect might turns out differently. (My skin is dry-combination skin)

Skin 79 Msia Facebook:
Skin 79 Msia Official Website:


  1. Woah this looks good. It feels like the oxygen mask that I saw few months ago!

    1. yeah it works almost the same way i guess :D

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