Saturday, 22 March 2014

Say bye-bye to panties stain!!

This is not a sponsored post. Its just me trying to share some useful information with my beloved ladies out there.

Alright I am abit shy to say this but I have stain on my panties. And I think most of the ladies out there have this problem as well. It is normal to have some stain at the end of a long day cause our vajayjay will discharge some fluids to protect herself from germs and bacteria. Therefore, the stain left on our panties contain germs that might cause infection to our vajayjay so it OUGHT to be removed thoroughly (and it will affect the appearance of our cute laces panties wtf lol). And here's the problem: The stains are tough to be removed.

The problem will be much tougher when it comes to blood stain. Most of the girls faced this situation where their MC came suddenly, and of course la the blood stained their precious panties. Yes its disgusting for guys to hear that we deal with so much blood but yea we do so please respect us more and worship us lol.

And I found this Panties Cleanser in Daiso!


So basically this is how it works: Moisten your underwear, pour some Panties Cleanser on the stain, rub it and then rinse it away with cold water! It works just like how we uses body shampoo to wash panties, but the outcome is much faster and clean! It contains active surface particles which reacts efficiently to clean up the stains and blood! Now it makes my life much easier. 

And it only cost me 5 bucks.

Some of you might ask why don't I use panty liners instead, and here's the reason: Panty liners might not be hygienic too. Panty liners work like menstrual pads, which means you have to remember to change it every 3 hours at least to stay away from the germs and bacteria, and I bet lots of you actually forgot to change it sometimes. And also I find panty liners‘ ventilation is not as good as panty itself lol. 

*scoffs again*
I am so impressed by myself to be able to proudly announcing my panties problem to the public here =.= But hey don't judge, I am sharing for the other girls who are still struggling to save their pretty panties.

I am really blushing even for just taking pictures with it and imagining that I am actually gonna post about it later =.=


  1. OMG this is awesome!

    *blushes too

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