Friday, 28 March 2014

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not?

Okay you have probably already watched this video, but yeah just in case you haven't, watch it now!

So guys, have you been into this kind of situations? Well I would say congratulations if you have passed this stage with your beloved girl and it have proven that you are a good and loyal man! Seriously lah some girls actually do this to test out whether the guy is really into her, so stay strong and face their challenge! (But you have to be smart enough also la maybe she is really just fooling around with you lol so don't do it over your limit)

Thanks Dan for featuring me in his video, and I really had lotsa fun with Dennis and Ernest too!

Ok I know it has been 4 days since the last post and this is not considered as a constructive one. I am working on it and it will be posted up soon. Lotsa pictures to edit la *sigh*


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