Monday, 10 March 2014


It has been almost 72 hours since MH370 lost contact, and my facebook newsfeed is still flooded with all kind of news and updates related to the incident.

Personally, I am now very irritated by a few kind of actions by the FB users:

1. Spread around false news, share out false news link
Stop sharing some stupid links about the Soviet Union lost airplane that traveled across the time. Its FAKE. Stop sharing some random forum, weibo and websites that are not credible who comes out with stupid articles that obviously just seeking for viewership. Please only trust the news from credible news source, such as CNN, and America Navy Force, don't keep on thinking that the mainstream media is trying to cover up the stories just because there are more spicy false news online.

2. Accusing Msia government and MAS for not doing anything
Yes, MAS did not tell the whole world about the incident at the very first moment, as they were still trying to trace the plane by contacting the other countries' control tower (So yeah, they DID tell the people who can help). Imagine that they tell the whole world: OH WE LOST ONE OF OUR PLANE! And everyone start panicking, 30 minutes later they found the plane still safely flying. That time, they will be accused as spreading news that are not confirmed and created unnecessary fear to the crowd. Frankly speaking, what can we normal people help other than posting #prayforMH370 on social media (and really pray for them)?

Claiming MAS is not doing anything is UNFAIR. I totally believe that they are trying their best to do whatever they can. They are the one who are most involved in this whole scenario. Their cabin crew, captain passengers and reputation, how on earth you think they don't give a sh*t? Of course they are not efficient enough especially in responding to the China's victims, and that's their PR problem that they need to settle. Nobody can work perfectly in this situation, and I believe MAS is trying their best to fix it.

Also, I totally dont understand the conclusion: "See, stupid BN. Stupid government." after reading the news update of an airplane's lost contact. Hey, I totally fking agree that our government is a disaster, but this is really not their fault =.= For those who are screaming around because we did not sent out our own submarine, it is totally understandable that different submarine have different function, and Singapore sent their Submarine Rescue Ship which is a surface support ship, not submarine. And what do you want Najib to do? Dive into the ocean and seek for the debris?

And for those who keep scolding MAS for not giving enough update, WHAT THE HECK of update can they give you? The fact is simple, they haven't found anything, so they can't simply give out conclusion! It is their responsible to give out the official statement, and 'official statement' need to be truth that comes with evidence. So calm your tits down, and wait! I saw a metaphor that is superb by my junior: (你以为海像你家的鱼缸那么小,潜水艇像里面的金龙鱼那么大?) You think that the ocean is as small as the aquarium in your house, and the submarine is as big as the Arowana?

3. Posting selfies with #prayforMH370
Seriously, come on. Please.

*slam the table*

4. Posting and Sharing "One Like for A Hope for MH370"

One like for a hope to make your page popular izzit?
*slam the table again*

Phew, that's all for now. Glad that I finally decided to post this after being really pissed for 48 hours and wanting to slap these people that I mentioned above. Yes, I am not a pro in this incident, but at least I know what news source to believe and think logically.

At last, with lots of hope for MH370 to be found as soon as possible.


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