Monday, 3 March 2014

The most awkward question

Questions are everywhere in a conversation. Some people are good in asking questions, some are not. Lots of us like to start a conversation with a question, and the quality of the first question can seriously affect the quality of the following conversation:

People: "Hey, how are you?"
Me: "Ermmm
*crickets chirping*

Yup, the most awkward (and the most common question) "HOW ARE YOU" is the most awkward question for me. I mean, how should I answer other than saying "I am good/fine/as usual" ? If I said, "Oh I felt like shit recently. My life is so dull so hopeless blah blah blah", the next step will be me need to explain why do I feel bad and what happened to me. But hey, when its someone that I am not close with or haven't met in damn long time, how and why do I need to summarize my details of life to you? I mean, what kind of respond do you actually expecting when you ask this question?

But I do understand that it might just be a question to warm up before starting a conversation with someone, and it is done under good intention. So normally, I will respond in the way I think that will continue the conversation the best:

People: "Hey, how are you?"
Me: "Like usual! How about you?"
People: "Yea I am fine too."
*crickets chirping again*

See, some of them can't answer the question that they asked. But those who are really interested to ask me about something, will quickly continue the conversation with "Actually, I wanna ask you about blah blah blah.."etc and the conversation will flow smooth and steady despite of the slow(awkward) starting. 

I don't mind still answering "How are you?", but maybe trying out other questions that are more specific and shows sign that you actually read my social media status or at least know what am I up to recently will be a better conversation starter? For example, "Hey, I saw your picture on instagram!", "Yo, not doing any shoots recently?", "Wow, nice hair!" or if you want to be more formal, you can always start right into the topic, "Hi, my company is looking for blogger for ......" etc. I totally don't mind receiving a formal invitation, rather than those who pm me on fb, with just a "Hi", and that's all, waiting for my reply. (I normally would not reply a stranger's plain "Hi", as it is awkward and I have other important work related emails and messages)

I am not mad or angry or trying to offend anyone, just stating my feeling whenever I am asked "How are you?" by random people. If you are my close friend, of course I will start to rant about my life if I am feeling to rant, so you are definitely fine to ask this question but obviously you won't cause you know me too well. It's kinda same for you guys right? Telling your private story to some random person is....not common.

And lastly, my list of the Top 3 Most Awkward Questions:

2. How much you got paid for that?
(Everyone have different rates for different jobs, and I want to keep mine personal. 
If you are interested to book me for advertorial or modeling, please don't hesitate to ask me for a quote)
3. How much can you earn in a month?
(Are you government servant who collect tax? lol)

So, what's on your list of The Most Awkward Questions?


  1. Me: Hey can i be friend with you? Nice meet you
    Other: ................... (nothing from them)

    ><!!!!! :(

    1. Well you can try with: "Hey, nice to meet you! My name is XXX!"

      It might works better! :D

  2. I am a forty-year-old man who teaches English to high schoolers in China.
    I get asked more awkward questions in one day than most people hear in a year.
    What makes them awkward is that my answer, like "how are you" is hard to answer honestly. They don't care, and don't have time to stick around for more than a few words. So I just don't answer questions that are loaded. I think you have to be a weirdo to ask them with real curiosity.

    "Why don't you have any children?"
    "Don't you miss your parents?"
    "Can I come over to your house?"
    "What do you think about black people?"
    "Who do you like better, men or women?"

    Sometimes, "it's a secret" is my favourite answer.

  3. i think the most awkward question for Lizz Chloe is "are u a virgin"?

    this is asking the obvious coz she is clearly a slut

    1. What's your problem dude

    2. someone's lonely for attention... can we get admund a vibrator please?

  4. lol..i really always ask 'how r u' ..

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