Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My 21st Birthday Bash

Yup I've turned 21, officially. Which means, dammit I'm an adult already so I have to be more responsible to myself although I think I had been doing pretty well on this *smirks*

I didn't organize any birthday party after I turned 12, and I think its because I am kinda busy and too lazy to do it? So yeah, my birthdays were quite quiet, just celebrated with my closest ones.

But I made it different this year.

I've been really lucky to be able to meet lotsa awesome people so far in my life (of course there were some bastards but well I can just forget about them), so I really wanna meet everyone again on my 21st birthday, the day where I officially turned into an adult, to show my gratitude to each and everyone of you, and spend more splendid moments again.

Thanks to everyone who took their time and effort to drop by my little 'White vs Neon' birthday party, and sorry if there's anything that made you unhappy or uncomfortable during my party cause I know I am really too busy running around answering phone calls checking the BBQ fire and making sure everyone is fine but for sure I missed something. (For example the pasta doesn't taste good at all ORZ)

Thanks to my precious photographer Adam Tai, 95% of the pictures were shot by him and the pictures are fabulous! So if you guys are interested to hire a photographer for your party/event/just to look pretty, please find him! #hardsell


White vs Pop Colours cake by Twenty First Qi Pastries

Dessert table by ME.
Yes, I did it *so damn proud*

Second cake from Jason's Food hall and it tastes so damn good.

Mina and Queen models lol
*picture credit to Justin Yeong*

F my birkenstock. Forgot to change into heels cause I was too busy, and later on decided to just screw it cause its easier to run in a birken. BUT NOW I AM SO FKING REGRET IT LOOKS SO UGLY ON PICTURES FML.

Much better without the shoes.

Nicole having fun with the bubbles.


Hot chick spotted!

Nicole don't hide behind the balloon!

The Ojibalas
(Mr. Shen MIA =.=)

Ok I sorta accidentally prank myself wtf. Bought this bunch of sparking candles, imagining how pretty the sparkles will be just in what I see in the movies.


"OMG I'm feeling quite awkward for the birthday song."
"And erm the fire is not turning into sparkles."
"Ok just keep calm and clap along with the birthday song first."

Now, blow away the big fire.
*bit scared*

Holy moly it grown bigger!

Ok again.
Looks like its gonna succeed.

Eh wtf?

I'm not blowing this crap anymore.
*embarrassed lol*

Ok la try again. *sighs*

F this shit la hahahahaha

Momsy came to rescue.
And she succeeded wtf must be all the training she got from scolding us.

Finally can cut the cake liao phew.

Heh ma family! Yes, I know we are all tiny lol

Ma bad tempered kuli aka dearie <3

I don't know where does this 'tradition' came from but mom's friend suddenly say that parents need to feed their children cake during their birthday!?

And see how much my mum enjoying this. 
Making her daughter to swallow the whole cake pop.

Do Re Mi

Josh thanks for coming by!

Now its the mina and Vivi models turn!!!

Joey are you trying to cover up your belly :P

IDK why Steve forever didn't look at the camera.

The heartwarming bunch

Wilson You
(Mr Shen MIA again =.=)
*picture credit to Justin Yeong

My two 救火英雄 who helped 99% of the carrying work and started the BBQ fire.
F my birken again 

Oh here comes the photographer of the night! 
*round applause*

And I didn't have the pictures with all my other dear photographer friends that came *sigh* So here I'm gonna thank them too, Justin Yeong, Joseph Chia and Bryan Lee!

The only selfie of the night cause I forgot to charge my camera fml.
Ok there's few more selfies with momsy but she will kill me if I post em up lol.

Thanks for all the presents! 
OMG I didn't expect em *blushes*

It was quite a crazy hectic day for me. Me and dearie was actually running around in NSK at 2am the night before party, to get the food and drinks blah blah blah. And after the party, we stayed back until 6am to clean up and then drive all the way back to Cheras from USJ. However, it is still an enjoyable experience for me cause I wanted to make sure everything is prepared for all of you, my dear friends :)

But I also wouldn't so bercita-cita tinggi next time la for sure I will hire a company or a team to manage my party and I just stay pretty to have great pictures and chit chat with all my friends lol.

Lastly, A BIG THANKS again to everyone that came by to my party, nevertheless those who wished me through whatsapp, FB and phone calls! I hope that we all will have a bright future and more awesome meet ups to come!


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