Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Purples and Pinks

The only proper thing that I did to celebrate my 21st, is dyed my hair into purple colour wtflol. I know right but actually I don't think there will be much change in me just because I am officially 21st, I will just stay the same, as fabulous as always okay ignore me.

So I paid a visit to Hikky-san again on the day before my birthday.

Dying hair is never just about single colour when it comes to Hikky. I am always still surprised and amazed by how detailed is number76's work. So let me analyze what colours are on my hair this time: The base colour of my hair, is a Purple Gradient, which means ash on the top of my head, and purple shade on my ends, plus lotsa really tiny strands of highlights. Seriously I'm happy enough already even just with the base colour ITS SO FRIGGIN NICE.  But just to make my 21st a more colourful one, we decided to literally add in more! So unicorn extensions it is! I added in a total of four different shades of pinks and purples unicorn extension, each two stickers so in total its 8 extensions. Why extension but not bleaching my own hair? FYI I bleached my hair for 3 times already kay so they are very kesian liao dont torture them summore lo.

So lastly, my vain selfies time.


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! Really loving those tiny highlights! <3



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