Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Say bye-bye to dirty Makeup Sponge and Puff!

Ola! Okay so after introducing the Daiso Panties Cleanser in my previous post, here comes another Daiso cleansing product, which is Puff and Sponge Detergent!

FYI I used to just put on my foundation by my fingers, until I purchased Shu Uemura Light Bulb Foundation, which it comes with a special made Light Bulb Sponge.

Ok I googled this cause my bottle is almost half finished lol.

The Lightbulb Foundation works the best with its sponge so there's when I start to figure out how to clean up a sponge. Why not just buy a new one when its dirty? CAUSE ITS GONNA COST ME RM60 TO GET A NEW ONE. #cheapskate

Ahem this is called eco-friendly okay? And now I wash my sponge once a week for the best result when applying my foundation, which means I need to spend 60 bucks every week just for a sponge ah? Impossibru I don't earn that much and even I do I rather spend it on other stuffs.

What will happen when you apply your foundation with a dirty sponge? Firstly, you will get pimples. Germs and bacteria are all over your dirty sponge and you keep pressing it onto your face, you area lucky enough if you only get only pimples instead of getting skin disease lo *shivers* Secondly, your foundation will look flaky and your skin tone will look uneven, as there's leftover powder on your sponge.

Yea you saved the world, lil pink bottle.

Why must we use this instead of our normal shampoo? Because shampoo never works in my pass experiences. I don't know why but the leftover foundation on the sponge just refuses to come out. But when I use Daiso Sponge and Puff Detergent, the dirt can be washed out quickly and easily.

So basically just use it like how you wash your stuffs normally. Pour a few drops on you DRY sponge, squeeze and rub abit, add some water, continue squeeze out the remaining foundation in the deep surface of the sponge, and rinse it off! Well you might need to do it for a second time if it is not clean enough, but from my experience it should be fully cleansed after the second wash :D

A simple demo video to show how it works. Didn't do this for the Panties Cleanser cause why on earth do I need to show the whole world how does my panties look like lol. Took some effort to edit this so that it will looks less boring hahaha. Ok I should've done this to my ukulele cover videos but my old lappie wouldn't allow me to do such heavy editing work *kissing my new lappie*

So I think that's all about it. You can get it at Daiso if you haven't already know since I mentioned few times, and it is just RM5 super duper cheap in comparison with the big brands' such as Mac's Brush and Puff cleanser .


  1. Wow, thanks for the tips. Its so hard actually to remove all the leftovers with normal soap, but, I hope this will help.

    Thanks :)

    1. You're welcome Nazri! :D Hopefully this works for your problem!


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