Wednesday, 2 April 2014

SImply Casual

Hi squirrels! So here's my first pure OOTD post lol. Decided to somehow start typing out an article about my outfit instead of just posting them on instagram, so that I can share more about my thoughts on the particular outfit.

Most of you who know me or followed me for sometimes might have already noticed my fashion style is more towards Japanese street style, which is a blend of cuteness, girly, natural, casual but slightly bold sometimes. Ok basically, ViVi magazine + Mina magazine + my own thoughts lol.

I enjoys mix and matching my wardrobe pieces into different styles, and showing out my personalities through my outfits. So you can kinda see that I am bit boyish and can't really sit like a lady cause I always prefer pants over skirt lol wth. 

The Basic White Top is bought from H&M by momma during her trip to Europe. Don't ask me why does she want to buy H&M basics from overseas I have no idea also lol.

High Waist Denim Shorts from Kitschen. I am a fun-sized (which means petite la but I prefer calling myself fun-sized) so the basic idea of my outfit is I need to look tall. And high waist shorts can never fail to make my legs longer. I am particularly in love with this Denim Shorts for its cutting that fits me perfectly. You have no idea how hard is it for me to find a perfectly fit high waist shorts as I am kinda skinny and I have a 24 inch waist lol. Not a big thing to be proud of when almost all the shorts will end up having an obvious gap perking out from your back.

Checkered shirt from TopShop. I seldom wear checkered shirt and this is bought by momma too. She gave it to me cause she had too many same patterned shirt *swt* So instead of wearing it, I tied it on my waist to create a casual look, as my white top and shorts are body-con so it will look kinda too sexy on their own.

Mesh Transparent Heeled Boots. I hate it when my feet sweats in the shoes. So this transparent laced heel serves both the purposes to look cool and keep my feet cool. Bought from Farenheit 88 top floor.

So here it ends, my first pure OOTD post! (And more to come in the future)


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